About us

About Nautal

Nautal is a yacht charter platform, which offers thousands of yachts to charter throughout the world.

How Nautal began

Nautal was founded in June 2013 in Barcelona, at the height of the sharing economy, when the founders came to the realization that thousands of the boats filling the ports and harbors were not being utilized to their full potential. They came up with a solution that would help owners and charter companies to find sailors and potential renters from all over the world, using a platform that is both simple and secure. In July 2020, Nautal joined forces with Click&Boat, the world’s leading boat charter group.

Simple, affordable, and secure

Advertising and/or requesting a vessel with Nautal is both easy and free of charge. Boat owners are able to personalize their listings through their descriptions, photos, a calendar, seasonal pricing, onboard services, and a variety of other features. Moreover, they also have insurance that covers the charter of their boat. Sailors are also able to use filters to finetune their selection, helping to speed up the process of finding a boat that meets all of their requirements. Some of the adjustable factors include the dates, location, boat type, amount of people on board, as well as if they want to rent with a skipper or not. By finding the relevant results, they are then able to get in contact with the owners and, in some cases, charter a boat immediately. You too can get on board!

Over 380,000 users

Over 40,000 worldwide

Over 450 to set sail from

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