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It was a pleasure to have your company aboard our classic boat Mathilda, our largest vessel!We hope it was a memorable time for everyone and that everything was to your satisfaction. At Sailing 360º every experience counts a lot to us and we would love to see you again soon, as the Douro River holds many charms that we would like to show you. See you soon, Sailing 360º Team


We had a very good experience with BE Charter. The team is professional, attentive and responsive to any concerns. We can fully recommend Oriol for your sailing projects in Barcelona.


kind couple from Sweden they had a great time as they told me at the end. they loved the whole coastline, wish all the customers were as kind as these guys. We were glad to serve you guys, I hope we will meet again in the future !


What a great company! Very nice and interesting couple. We had a great day on the sea filled with interesting conversations. All the recommendations for Karen and her husband. Thank you guys once again!


What a great company! Very nice and interesting family. We had a great day on the sea. All the recommendations for Antonio and his family. Thank you guys once again!


What a great company! Very nice and interesting couple. We had a great day on the sea. All the recommendations for Vishal and his wife. Thank you guys once again!


Pros: - Good welcoming - The host answers quickly and ready to help - Excellent value for money - Low fuel consumption Cons: The Honda BF40 motor installed on this boat consumes more than the host thinks it should (see the specs). During our trip we covered the distance which is approx. 70% of the one that the host described as "average full tank consumption", and ran out of fuel. Luckily we were not far from the initial point and could dock and go to the gas station by taxi with the empty canister. When you check in on the boat the canister contains approx. 22L of fuel, because the only working gas station is in Trogir and you have to spend some fuel to go to Poljica (if you rent a boat on Sunday you're double lucky as the gas station on Solta island is closed, beware of it). Eventually, we returned far after the sunset, and it was not an easy issue as we could have missed some dangers. By the way, the navigational lights were not working as well. Luckily we returned safely and the host assisted with docking and did not charge us for the late return. Overall it was a great adventure, but if you consider a long trip (more than 25 nm) it's better to request an additional tank of fuel. Thank you Ante and Luka!


Excellent renters, very kind and pleasant people, super smooth communication!! They handled the boat successfully and with great care and the boat was returned as agreed in a perfect condition! It would be my pleasure to see them again! You are always welcome! Thank you Dimitrios! Best regards, Ioannis

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