Yacht Rentals in Guadeloupe

A luxury sailing holiday awaits on the exotic archipelago of Guadeloupe. Nestled in the Caribbean Sea just north of Dominica, Guadeloupe is comprised of several islands and islets which are perfect for a romantic getaway with a yacht rental. This part of the world is famed for its sandy volcanic beaches and dreamy sunsets over crystal-clear waters. Whether you choose to take it leisurely underneath the Caribbean sunshine or choose to explore the paradisical waterfalls, pools and lagoons, Guadeloupe is primed for island-hopping and romantic dining under the stars.

Guadeloupe blends some of the most appealing aspects of France. Yet it is decidedly different, with its mélange of African-Guadeloupeans, Asians, white French descendants and its strong identity as a Caribbean island.

Exploring Guadeloupe and the Caribbean With a Yacht Rental

Part of the Leeward Islands (which include Grenada and Barbados), Guadeloupe is a French overseas territory which beautifully matches romantic French flair with carefree Caribbean charm - so expect fresh croissants and coconuts aplenty. The main island rises from the sea with its forested hills, providing many secluded bays and ravishing marinas. The eastern island will be your primary stomping ground if you're looking for a bustling seaside lifestyle with entertainment and gastronomy, but the west and surrounding islands provide that special seclusion only the Caribbean can offer by comfortable rental yacht.

Yacht Rental Excursions in Guadeloupe

Choose from a diverse fleet of luxury yachts in Guadeloupe to rent. From centres in Pointe-à-Pitre and Saint-François, set sail for unbeatable snorkelling and scuba diving excursions, coral reef adventures and hidden anchorages on uninhabited islets. The sea surrounding Guadeloupe provides paradisical and romantic excursions which are easy to traverse and explore via yacht in a day. The Îles des Saintes in the south and Marie-Galante in the east, in particular, provide unmissable trips to exotic palm tree-littered beaches.
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Yacht rentals in Guadeloupe

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