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Jeanneau - 9cc | 11 people (9.12m)

Without a skipper
 24  · Private · Super owner

From €412 per day

PRO 2000 - OPEN 5000 | 5 people (5.95m)

Le Palais
Without a skipper
 16  · Super owner

From €290 per day

3d Tender - DREAM 6 | 10 people (5.9m)

Without a skipper
 62  · Private · Super owner

From €150 per day

Master - 720 | 10 people (7.2m)

Without a skipper

From €500 per day

LEGEND - L21 | 5 people (7m)

Rivière Noire
With a skipper
 26  · Super owner

From €470 per day

NIKITA - SEAROVER 2 | 6 people (4.73m)

With or without a skipper
 9  · Super owner

From €180 per day

Tarpon - AD60 | 8 people (6m)

Without a skipper

From €230 per day

Tarpon - Ad 55 | 7 people (5m)

Without a skipper
 9  · Private · Super owner

From €250 per day

Quicksilver - 605 ACTIV CRUISER | 6 people (6m)

Without a skipper
 49  · Super owner

From €360 per day

Pacific Craft - Open | 6 people (5.45m)

Without a skipper
 74  · Private · Super owner

From €250 per day

Beneteau - FLYER 8.8 | 12 people (8.97m)

With or without a skipper
 45  · Super owner

From €850 per day

Beneteau - antares 650 HB 115cv suzuki | 5 people (6.15m)

Without a skipper
 18  · Private · Super owner

From €210 per day

CRANCHI - 39 ENDURANCE | 10 people (12.8m)

With a skipper
 65  · Private · Super owner

From €790 per day

Ocqueteau - Olympic 565 | 6 people (5.65m)

Without a skipper
 31  · Private · Super owner

From €158 per day

Discount offer

Jeanneau - CAP CAMARAT 9 WA | 8 people (9m)

La Spezia
With a skipper
 15  · Super owner

From €990 per day

SAVER - RIVIERA 24 | 6 people (8.5m)

With a skipper
 20  · Super owner

From €800 per day

Highfield - OM 590 | 10 people (5.9m)

Without a skipper
 7  · Private · Super owner

From €310 per day

BENETEAU - BARRACUDA 7 | 7 people (7.5m)

With a skipper
 17  · Private · Super owner

From €300 per day

Why should I rent a fishing boat?

For marine life lovers, fishing boats are the best way to enjoy life out on the open water with family or friends. If you’ve ever wanted to catch your own meal and experience a relaxing day swaying on the waves, you can’t go wrong with renting a fishing boat. When you’re done fishing, you can get in touch with the underwater world by snorkelling or diving! Depending on where you are, you can even indulge in some marine life spotting and get the chance to see marvellous creatures like whales, dolphins or sea turtles. Rent a fishing boat to gain access to unspoilt coves and beaches that you’ll only have access to from the water! Have the holiday of a lifetime on board a fishing boat!

What is the cost of a fishing boat rental?

The price of a fishing boat rental is subject to change based on a number of factors such as time of year, the number of people and the various amenities on board the fishing boat. Generally speaking, the average price of a fishing boat rental for 6 people is about €420 per day in high season and €360 per day in low season, but prices also vary by destination.

For example, the price of a fishing boat rental for 6 people in Florida starts from €1,087 per day whereas the price in Panama City for 9 people is cheaper at €988 per day.

The duration of the rental can also affect the price and the minimum duration period is also dependent on the owner. Some owners only allow rentals by the week whereas others allow daily rentals, half-day rentals and rentals by the hour! There are many options to give you the autonomy to decide when and how you sail, as well as how much time you want to spend on board, navigating the waters.

Do I need a license to rent a fishing boat?

If you would like to sail a fishing boat on your own, you must have a valid nautical license which allows you to do so. But if you don’t have a license to sail don’t worry, you still have plenty of fishing boat rental options which include a skipper on board, who will take care of everything so you can sit back, release the line and wait for a bite! Many of the fishing boat rentals on the Nautal platform have a mandatory skipper on board which is either included in the price or at an extra cost. This is because fishing boats are expensive, and owners don’t want to risk damage being done to their vessels, especially in high season. You should also be aware that in some destinations you will need a license to fish on a boat. If you’re unsure about licenses and permits, make sure to ask the boat owner for more information.

What are the best destinations to rent a fishing boat?

There are so many beautiful places in the world, and with Nautal you can explore them all. We have a range of boats in our fleet in some of the best fishing destinations in the world. In Europe, Spain is one of the most popular destinations for fishing, as it has one of the largest fishing markets in the world. Here you can find both saltwater and freshwater fish like Sea bream, Cod and Swordfish. Some of the best fishing spots in Spain include Mallorca, Alicante, Torrevieja, Cartagena and Costa Brava.

Mexico is also another popular destination for fishing, as it is home to one of the most ecologically diverse bodies of water in the world: the Gulf of Mexico. Here you can spot a variety of sea life such as dolphins, sharks and turtles. For fishing, you might have a chance to catch Red Snappers, Wahoo and Grouper fish. We recommend renting a fishing boat in the beautiful Cabo San Lucas for the fishing holiday of a lifetime.

Other popular destinations include Miami and places in the Caribbean such as Nassau in the Bahamas!

What should I consider when chartering a fishing boat?

The most important thing to consider when renting a fishing boat is safety. Always confirm with the owner that there are life jackets on board and be sure to pack other safety essentials for your journey, as well as plenty of snacks and water. Remember that once you’re out on the water, it’s not always easy to go to the shop and buy something you might need, so it’s always best to overprepare before stepping foot on board.

If you’re new to fishing and sailing, we recommend chartering a fishing boat with a skipper and crew to help you handle all of the nautical logistics. Finally, be sure to ask the boat owner whether or not fishing equipment is included or if it’s necessary to bring your own.

What is included in the price of a fishing boat rental and what additional expenses should I expect?

All fishing boats on our website offer different services and amenities which might be included in the charter price, or available for additional fees. Some of our fishing boats include fuel, a skipper and fishing equipment in the price of the rental while for others, these are considered additional expenses. Most owners require renters to pay for fuel and for refuelling the boat before returning it once your rental period has finished. Owners also usually expect renters to pay a final cleaning fee on top of the base charter price. As always, if you’re unsure about additional costs and what is included in the price of your fishing boat rental, communicate with the owner for more detailed information and a breakdown of expenses.

How can I charter a fishing boat?

Renting a fishing boat has never been easier than with Nautal. With our various filters, you’ll be able to find the boat that you’re looking for in the location that you choose. On the homepage put in your desired destination and the dates of your charter. Use the filter “Type of Boat” and choose “Fishing boat” to find the best boat for your fishing trip. Filter for the number of passengers on board, with or without a skipper and the price range per day.

When thinking about which fishing boat to choose for your charter, you might want to take into account whether or not you’ll be sleeping on board in which case, you’ll want to choose a fishing boat with a sufficient number of cabins and berths. Also, remember that the skipper and crew members count as passengers on board the vessel, so make sure that the vessel you choose can accommodate everyone who will be sailing. If you have any doubts about the number of people allowed on the fishing boat, you should always ask the owner.

What are the most popular brands of fishing boats for charter?

Fishing fans will be familiar with the various brands of fishing boats. On Nautal’s website, we have a range of some of the best brands of fishing boats for rent. Some of these brands include Rodman, Fisher Fly, Boston Whaler Fishing Raptor, Boston Whale Fisherman, Astondoa and Sea Ray.

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