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Yacht rentals in the Caribbean

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Yacht rent Yacht Trawler in Ile de Saint Martin, Saint Martin

Yacht rent Yacht Trawler in Ile de Saint Martin, Saint Martin (2003 refit 2013)

Yacht Yacht Trawler (2003, refit 2013) 78.74 feet

Skipper included in the price

4 cabins 4 baths 15 places 9 berths Ile de Saint Martin (Saint Martin)
from $8,566 /day
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Yacht rent Princess V58 in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

Yacht rent Princess V58 in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico (2008)

Yacht Princess V58 (2008) 60.01 feet

Skipper included in the price

3 cabins 2 baths 12 places 3 berths Fajardo, Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)
from $3,950 /day
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Rent a yacht in the Caribbean

You can find yachts available to rent in the Caribbean and in different dream destinations around the world on the Nautal website. Flexible cancellation or changes up to 15 days before check in is allowed on selected boats. Check the conditions established with each boat owner. With over 7,000 islands — and more uninhabited islets — to explore by boat, a luxury yacht charter is the best way to truly experience the Caribbean. From charming fishing villages to vibrant rum bars, a Caribbean yacht charter opens a world of sailing possibilities. Famed for its calm and warm waters, the best way to navigate the area is through an island-hopping expedition. Here, you can get a feel for island life as you meander from port to port, taking in the breathtaking sunsets and dream-like seascapes. If you're not familiar with how to rent a yacht, look no further.

Where more luxurious, where more utopian, where more tranquil, than the Caribbean? Yacht rentals in the Caribbean are one of our most popular charter vessels in this area, and for good reason, too. Where else can you lie in paradise with wonderfully warm weather and picture perfect panoramic views while discovering swimming pigs, colourful iguanas and reptiles, as well as other beautiful sea life swimming nearby in the transparent water. 

What is the price of a charter yacht in the Caribbean?

Renting a yacht in the Caribbean costs from 1,475 dollars per day in low season. While in high season it costs from 2,283 dollars per day. Yachts are generally rented with a captain and the most luxurious vessels come with a crew. Check the mandatory and included extras with the owner. Several factors can influence the price, such as type of boat, length, age, capacity, season, duration of charter, with or without a skipper, extras, etc. However, the time of the year is one of the most significant factors. 

Sailing Areas in the Caribbean

Most of our yacht rentals in the Caribbean are based in The Bahamas, but we also rent yachts on the islands and areas listed below:

  • Bahamas
  • Saint Martin
  • Guadeloupe
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Martinique
  • United States Virgin islands
  • Belize
  • Curaçao

What can I do with a yacht rental in the Caribbean?

A luxury skippered yacht charter in the Caribbean allows you to sit back and relax as you sail from one contrasting island to another. You can plan your itinerary based entirely on your tastes, with everything from tranquil, secluded beaches allowing peace of mind to fast-paced watersports offering a true adrenaline rush. Whatever kind of holiday you decide on, your yacht will be your pampered sanctuary. You decide the pace and you decide the route.

And on land... 

And what a range of routes to choose from when you rent a yacht with a skipper for a week! The Virgin Islands, Leeward Islands, Grenadines, St Lucia, St Martin, Antigua and — of course — the Bahamas all offer a varied landscape of pristine natural parks, lush forested mountain landscapes and bustling marinas serving the world's best seafood. As a veritable yachting playground, you'll want to pick your base in the Caribbean and take it slow. A charter to the Lesser Antilles, for instance, may see you sailing from St Lucia to the Grenadines, stopping off at coral reefs, waterfalls and famed shipwrecks. The Bahamas, too, offers plenty of diving opportunities, with Abacos and Exumas containing some of the most beautiful marine parks in the world.

If you’re still struggling for inspiration or fancy reading a bit about itinerary routes and sailing ideas, our blog is full of yacht charter itineraries and sailing routes in the Caribbean. Guadeloupe, The Windward Islands, the British Virgin Islands, you name it, we’ve got it. They tend to vary from a few days to a fortnight and some have various options, meaning you can tailor the route to suite the amount of time you have planned for your yacht charter. 

What is the weather like in the Caribbean?

Christmas and Thanksgiving are both popular time of year for yacht charter with family and friends. However, our most preferable time of year is early summer in the months from March to June. The flowers and plants are in bloom, the wildlife is tranquil and content with the pleasant weather conditions and calm winds. 

Hurricane season from August to September is not advisable for sailing in many parts of the Caribbean. 

How to get to the Caribbean?

You can fly directly to the island airports in the Caribbean. Many of them are international airports and others are smaller local airports. Miami International Airport (MIA) is a large airport with many connections and is also close to the Bahamas if you would rather rent a yacht in Miami and sail over.
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