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Yacht Rental in Panama

Located in Central America, Panama borders both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Known for its world-famous canal, which connects the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean, a yacht rental in Panama is the best way to experience this vibrant country from a whole new perspective. See its skyscrapers and stroll through its old town before embarking on an epic charter vacation to the fantastic Panamanian islands of white sand and turquoise water.

You can choose to start your private yacht rental just about anywhere in Panama, however, most people prefer starting in Panama City, the largest city in Panama. Renting a yacht in this part of Central America is made easy thanks to Nautal’s customer-friendly platform. Whether you’re looking to turn your luxury yacht charter into a yacht party boat with an open bar and prepared food or something calmer like a fishing charter, you are sure to find something you love on our platform.

Where to sail in Panama?

As a Central American country, Panama offers a vast variety of activities that will be sure to impress any visitor, no matter where they come from. The capital of Panama, Panama City is one of the most visited cities in the country and is home to some of the most unique places to explore by foot or to sail with your yacht.

With your yacht rental in Panama, sail among the merchant ships waiting their turn to go through the canal or visit the islands in Guna Yala, also known as the San Blas Islands.

The Panama Canal is one of the most stunning views that exist in the country. Quite the statement, right? But we can confirm it’s true! And even though the Panama Canal is narrow itself, if you look at it from the right perspective, you can absorb and start to understand the history of this truly spectacular place. Another popular activity to enjoy when visiting the city is exploring the old town. The old town is well known for its selection of authentic restaurants, where you can enjoy a unique combination of flavors. As well as indulging in delicious cuisine, you can also walk around the historical buildings and houses in the town. If you love to explore then you’ll definitely love the unusual combination of colorful and ancient buildings.

In general, the main cruising hotspots are the 365 Island Guna Yala off the Caribbean coast and the Las Perlas on the Pacific side.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Panama?

There are many different factors that can affect the charter price of your rental in Panama. Depending on the size, model of the yacht, the duration of your trip, and the season, the cost to rent a boat with Nautal can fluctuate greatly or not.

Renting a yacht in Panama can cost from $1,450 dollars per day to $11,200 dollars per week. Yachts are generally rented with a captain and the most luxurious vessels come with a crew.

The harbors in Panama

When in Panama, it is very probable that you’ll feel inclined to stay out all day sailing around on your boat rental, discovering the stunning landscapes and hidden gems. If you’re looking to spend a full day out on the water, Panama is a great location to do it. During your yacht charter, you may find yourself enticed to dock your boat and discover a bit more of the country on foot. When you’re ready to do so, you’ll need to dock your yacht in a secure place. We highly recommend checking which harbors are in the areas you want to visit before setting sail.

Here are a few marinas in Panama:

  • Muelle Flamenco Marina
  • Balboa Port
  • Diablo Heights

Renting a yacht with or without a skipper

With Nautal, it’s possible to rent a boat in Panama either with or without a skipper. However, to book a bareboat charter, you must make sure you have the right boating license and that all your legally required papers are up to date. If in doubt, check with the boat owner before booking to ensure no nasty surprises when you get there.

A skippered Panama yacht charter is perfect for people who want to relax during their nautical adventure, without having to worry about the technicalities of sailing the boat. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a trip that’s full of adventure and spontaneity, you should book a bareboat charter and take your Panama yacht tour wherever you please, stopping off whenever you want; this can also be done with a local captain.

When is the best time to go?

Panama makes for a perfect year-round destination offering ideal temperatures and good sailing conditions. The high season runs from February until May when the weather is at its best. Although the conditions are certainly ideal for a Panama yacht charter during these months, this also means that there will be more tourists. For this reason, it might be better to find a yacht charter outside of the high season, when prices will be lower, and the beaches will be less crowded.

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