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Licence Free Boat Rentals Netherlands

There are lots of licence free boats available to rent in the Netherlands on the Nautal website.  Flexible cancellation or date changes up to 15 days before check-in is allowed on selected boats.  There are a multitude of breathtaking backdrops in the Netherlands that we feel sure you will fall in love with, from the green open spaces and national parks, to the windmills and traditional gabled houses.  With so much to see, it is the perfect destination for excursion, either short or long term, whether you fancy going with friends, family, or even alone.  The one thing we know for sure is that you won’t be bored renting a boat in this prime location.

How much does it cost to rent a licence free boat in the Netherlands?

The price of renting a boat in the Netherlands varies greatly depending on a number of different factors, including the number of people, the duration of your trip, the season when you’re planning to rent, and even which part of the Netherlands you plan on renting in.  Below is a list of prices depending on where in the Netherlands the boats are located.
In Woubrugge, you can expect licence free boat rentals to start from about $603 per week.
In Koudum, Friesland, and Drachten, licence free boat charters will usually cost around $853 a week in high season and $582 a week in low season.
In Bruinisse, you will usually pay around $141 per half day, $281 per day, and $1235 per week in high season, but around $69 per half day, $138 per day, and $792 per week during the low season.
During high season in Terherne, licence free boat hire typically costs around $3466 per week, whereas in low season, you will usually pay around $2372 per week.
Prices in Medemblik are fairly consistent year round, starting from around $2406 for a week.
In Huizen, you will usually pay around $122 for a day and $481 for a week in high season, or $110 for a day and $420 for a week in low season.
Costs of licence free boat hire in Gelderland start from around $305 per day and $1767 per week in high season, but drop to around $244 per day and $1523 per week in low season.
In Makkum, you will pay around $1311 per week in high season and about $1092 per week in low season.
If you want to know more about prices in Heukelum, you will have to contact boat owners directly.

Can you rent a licence free boat with or without a skipper in the Netherlands?

Yes, you can rent a licence free boat with or without a skipper in the Netherlands, although people usually tend to rent these boats without. Renting a licence free boat without a skipper is perfect for people who want to explore a little as whether you explore the canals and rivers in the south of the Netherlands on day trips or travel through the country by houseboat for several days or weeks is entirely up to you. You should definitely try to plan your itinerary beforehand, though.  If not, you might not have time to see everything you want and you don’t want to leave your trip dissatisfied.
In the Netherlands, a boat charter without a license is allowed if the rented boat is shorter than 15 meters and does not go faster than 10.8 knots (20 kmph/12.43mph).  

How is the climate in the Netherlands?

Anyone who charters a boat will be more aware of the weather than people who move through the country by land. The Netherlands has a temperate maritime climate, with relatively cool summers and cold winters.  The weather is usually cool, cloudy and humid year round, with some snow in the winterTemperatures range from 5-14.4°C (41-57.9°F), with the summer highs averaging at 20-25°C (68-77°F) and the winter lows usually averaging at around 0-4.4°C (32-39.9°F).
Average annual rainfall in the Netherlands typically ranges from 73.66 to 83.82 cm (29-33 inches).  The period with the lowest amount of rainfall is usually March and May as weirdly, in the Netherlands, the summer months usually receive more rain than the spring months.

When is the best time for a licence free boat charter in the Netherlands?

The best time for your licence free boat rental in the Netherlands depends on many different factors.  In order to optimise enjoyment, you have to choose when to go very carefully, as you don’t want your holiday to be ruined by unpleasant winter conditions.
Most people say that you should visit the Netherlands during the summer months, when the temperatures are higher, but if you want to avoid the rain, it’s actually better to go between March and May.  Temperatures in the spring and autumn will usually still be pleasant and there won’t be too much rain.  During these seasons, there will probably also be fewer people, meaning you are more likely to find good deals on boats.
Visiting the Netherlands between May and September is usually a good time if you want to visit one of the big cities.  During this period, the temperatures will be fairly pleasant, although you will probably see a lot of rain.  There will also be around 16.5 hours of sunlight and more bearable humidity levels.  In May and June, the tulips bloom, so if you like flowers, this is a good time to go.  During the summer, the sea temperature is usually around 15.6°C (60.1°F), so if you like going to the beach, this is a better time for your boating holiday.  The only issue with the summer is that there will be more people, thus pushing the boat rental prices up.
In general, we suggest not renting a sailboat in the Netherlands from December until February.  During these months it can be very dark and snowy depending on where you go and with the unbearable humidity levels and high probability of storms, you are unlikely to have a pleasant trip.  Given that the sea temperatures are around 5°C (41°F), it is also improbable that you will want to swim during this time.

What to do when renting a licence free boat in the Netherlands?

You can start your boating holiday in Friesland and explore the largest inland lake area in the Netherlands. Terherne is particularly convenient as a port of departure for this. If you opt to do this, you can include a detour to Sneek, a wonderful little town right on the water. The Sneek Water Gate in particular has long been a key attraction! The South West Friesland Route, which is 80 kilometers long and winds through the Netherlands, is perfect for a boating holiday with the family. Following this route, you will travel past windmills and flowering fields, with magnificent sights lurking around every corner! Friesland is an ideal destination, especially for families and those who primarily want to relax during their vacation. Here, you can float down the canals, while enjoying the idyllic Dutch countryside. The charm of Friesland lies especially in the numerous villages, historic buildings and narrow canals. The Woudaap Route is particularly popular with families with children.
Lake IJsselmeer, which lies between two mainland routes, is perfect for boat trips. With steady winds, the area is perfect for all levels, from beginner to advanced. The area is also beautiful, with towns like Volendam, Hoorn or Lelystad, and there is always something to discover. It is worth taking the time to explore one of these places and taking a break in a cafe or restaurant. The eastern side of the IJsselmeer is also an ideal holiday destination. Whether you want to go on a beach holiday in Lemmer, sail to Hindeloopen or Medemblik, or travel to Ketelmeer in the south, in this area you can plan a trip that appeals to everyone in the group!
From IJsselmeer you can get to Amsterdam very quickly, which gives you an incredible number of options for your vacation. The capital of the Netherlands is an enchanting metropolis where you can go shopping, visit museums, enjoy specialties, as well as many other activities. Traveling by boat in Amsterdam is an incredible experience and not one to be missed. Whether you spend several days in the capital or just take a day trip, you will fall in love with this city. The other big cities in the Netherlands, Rotterdam and The Hague, are of course also worth a visit!
The Hollandse Biesbosch, a river and lake landscape between Noord-Brabant and Quid-Holland, attracts the crowds with beautiful nature and picturesque villages. Some of the largest herds of wild animals in Europe live in the Oostvaardersplassen national park and the views of the Delta Works in Zeeland are really impressive from the water. When in the Netherlands, do as the Dutch do and travel by boat through the many canals.

What are the best sailing areas to explore during a sailboat charter in the Netherlands?

It can be very difficult to make just a short list of good sailing areas in the Netherlands because there are so many, but here are some of our top picks.
Friesland is the perfect destination for you if you like going to places that are a bit further off the beaten track.  The wealth of different sights here are sure to leave you breathless, from the canals and woodlands, to green meadows and dunes, to the ancient cities, many complete with the typical Dutch windmills.
During your trip, another amazing place to visit is Zeeland.  Located in this area is the Oosterschelde national park, which has many different habitats, including drylands and marshes.  Twice a day, this area is transformed by the tide, which fills the park with 800 billion litres of water.
In the south of the Netherlands, you should definitely make time to explore the aptly nicknamed Dutch “Green Heart”, which stretches between the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Zoetermeer, Utrecht and The Hague.  This area offers up landscapes that are completely unique and unlike anything you’ll see in the rest of Europe.  If you like participating in sports, you will also have many opportunities in this area to take part in cycling, hiking and lots of different water sports.

What's the best way to get to the Netherlands?

If you want to take the quickest and easiest route to the Netherlands, go by plane.  There are direct flights to different airports across the country, especially Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, which receives direct flights from many countries.  Some of these include the USA, Canada, Norway, Ireland, and lots of airports across the UK, including many London airports.  However, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, other methods of travel include train, long distance bus, car, and ferry.  There really is a method of travel to suit everyone.

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