Jet ski rentals

Why should I rent a Jet ski? 

A jet ski rental near you is a perfect choice for solo, couple or group of three adventures who enjoy outdoor activities such as time on the water and water sports. If you are someone who enjoys an adrenaline rush while at your beach vacation, jet skis are for you! 

These personal watercrafts are an ideal choice to explore in short distances, finding undiscovered coves, and beautiful beaches. You can also enjoy a jet ski tour or water sports such as going to snorkel, wakeboard, water ski and even fishing! Make a reservation online to our many beach destinations on our Nautal website. 

How much does a jet ski rental cost?

Jet ski rentals costs can range depending on the season you rent, the size of the boat, the destination as well as other factors. You have the choice to rent a jet ski either hourly, daily or weekly depending on the offer and your preference. The charter time and jet ski price ranges depending on the booking offer, however normally the rental time ranges from one full day minimum to a week or more. 

In low season a jet ski charters costs from $125 for half day and from $188 for a full day rental. Likewise in low season a jet ski for rent per week costs from $877. 

In high season the jet ski rental prices increase from $376 per day and from $1,692 per week. A security deposit is also required for most private jet ski rentals near you starting from $600

Do I need a boat license to rent a jet ski?

A valid nautical license is required for the driver of the boat. Many countries require a boating license to drive a jet ski and the driver must be 18 years or over. Some countries also accept 16 year olds or over with a boat driver's license and a letter from the parents allowing them to be driving the boat. 

Check the regulations in your respective country for more information. If you are in doubt, consult an advisor or the boat owner. 

What are the best destinations to rent a jet ski?

This type of watercraft allows you to explore beach destinations faster and even find remote beaches that are harder to access by land! The best jet ski destinations that Nautal offers include:

You may want to hurry though! There are a limited number of this type of rental available to rent and it is better to plan ahead to ensure you are able to explore the turquoise waters, coral reefs and white sand beaches! 

Keep an eye out for sea turtles! They are spotted on certain vacation destinations such as Miami beach in the United States. You can find secluded beaches, walk along the stretches of sand.

If not, make your jet ski rental by the owner a snorkeling trip and have the freedom to explore the underwater world and experience marine life up close and personal. Just make sure your mask strap is placed properly, you don't want to add to the ocean plastic pollution!

What should I consider when renting a jet ski?

Whether you choose to ride solo, in two or in three at once, the seat size will need to be considered. This type of watercraft allows you to discover the most hidden coves and beautiful beaches that few have the opportunity to experience! Make sure not to forget to also consider if life jackets will be included, it is compulsory in many countries to wear them! This is a great plan for a warm summer day to have fun with friends and family. Check each jet ski hire near you since each listing has different items included. 

Make sure you pay attention to the check out and in time, each jet ski owner chooses their own time frame. This is not an overnight type of watercraft so ensure you speak to the owner about where the boat needs to be docked every night. You won’t want to arrive late and miss a second of enjoying the sun and water!

The best jet ski weather at your beach destination is a hot sunny day with little wind or clouds. If you are a beginner driver it is advised to avoid bad weather. Wind should also be considered when riding this type of watercraft. Higher winds can mean higher waves. Early mornings are normally the calmest time of day to ride a boat. The recommended temperature is 22˚C (71.6˚F).

Remember when riding in hot weather to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Each watercraft has a different amount of storage compartments so make sure if you want to take a full day ride to pack plenty of water. 

Look for Nautal’s Safe & Clean section to see how the owner is complying with the hygiene measures ordered by local authorities to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Check out our watercraft rentals and explore the area!

What is included in a jet ski charter and what additional expenses can I expect?

Nautal offers many jet ski’s and each charter has different included and additional costs so make sure you read carefully the description of each rental option. Some prices include VAT, insurance and the mooring base port. Likewise some jet ski offers include life jackets and even theory classes on driving and insurance. However, other jet skis state the mooring base port fee is only included during work days or are an additional cost. 

An additional cost you can expect is the jet ski´s fuel. Each owner has different preferences so ensure you ask the owner if you must fill in the tank before returning or if the owner will take care of it for an additional charge. 

Likewise, there can be a cleaning fee after you hire jet ski which is either included or a separate cost. Most rentals also offer flexible cancellation fees before check in if the client or boat are in a blocked or quarantine area. If there is a last minute change or cancellation there may be a percentage that will be deducted from the total cost. 

There are many activities you can do with your jet ski charter. Water toys can be rented as extras on some jet skis including water skis, snorkeling equipment, fishing equipment and a stand up paddle. Speak to the owner to know more about the extra equipment they offer. If you are a larger group, certain jet skis options such as Club Nautico Portonovo, Pontevedra may interest you where group guided tours are offered at an additional cost.

Ensure you get informed on what the included and additional expenses are for your jet ski offer.

How can I rent a jet ski?

Renting a jet ski has never been so easy! The Nautal website offers a range of jet skis which can be easily found by using the filters in the search. You can use filters such as length, number of passengers and price range as well as filter by the place you are looking to rent from, start date of rental and duration of rental. Don't hesitate to contact the owner if you have any questions or doubts about the rental. 

What brands/models can I rent?

Nautal´s boat owners offer a range of different brands and models to rent. The two main brands are Yamaha and Sea Doo in which there are many different models. Some options are shown below:
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