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Are you looking forward to sailing with great comfort? With the rental of gulets in Turkey you can discover one of the fashion hot-spots of the destination. Istanbul, Turkey's’ most touristic city will amaze you, as will its mosques, beaches and hot springs. With access to 4 seas, its coasts are very varied with really special beaches that will be perfect for your travel album.

Chartering a Gulet, a traditional Turkish yacht, is one of the most popular holiday options in Turkey. It is not just a tourist attraction, but also a favourite among locals. For years, Turkish people have chosen to charter a gulet on the Turkish coast to see the hidden bays and cultural and historical destinations, to snorkel, and to enjoy the crystal clear water. A Gulet offers you different amenities and features depending on your expectation for your holiday. One of the important factors for each gulet is the comfortable atmosphere; it offers you quality, comfort, luxury, all inclusivity, water toys and a 5 star service. Gulet charter is common in Aegean and Mediterrenan Sea in Turkey and the most popular destinations for charter are: Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek, Kusadasi... 

How much does it cost to rent a Gulet in Turkey?

Factors that can influence the price: type of boat, length, age, capacity, season, duration of charter, with or without a skipper, extras, etc. Prices for Gulet yacht charter can vary greatly depending on Gulet size, availability and the season. Prices begin at around 500€ per day, but there is no maximum.

1 day: from $ 769 in high season
1 week: from $ 3,800 in low season and from $ 4,500 in high season

Sailing around Turkey

When we begin to plan our trip in a gulet rental in Turkey, we must choose the port of origin that best suits our sailing route. The ports of Netsel Marina and Göcek are perfect options as they have moorings for boats of a maximum length of 40 meters. You also have among other ports Albatros Marina and Fethiye Ece Marina, all prepared with all the services you will need when renting a gulet in Turkey.

Sailing in Turkey will amaze you, as its beaches are truly magical. The beach of Antinkum stands out for its colorful and crystal clear waters, which is why it is so acclaimed, as is the beach of Gobun which is accessed between two cliffs. If you are looking for a beach that is not so touristy, visit Turun beach!

Weather conditions in Turkey

The charter season in Turkey starts in mid April and runs until the end of October. June, July and August are the peak months for chartering a Gulet, but April, May, September and October are also very popular, and the weather is still great! 

The climate of Turkey is one of the reasons why many decide to sail in a gulet boat rental, with an average temperature of 20 degrees and 30 degrees in the summer months, we can enjoy sailing without worrying about whether the temperatures will be too high or too low. The best time to sail is in spring and summer. In autumn and winter rainfall is more frequent.

The meltemi, strong winds from the north, make a presence in summer leaving clear skies and pleasant temperatures. Lodos is more frequent in autumn and winter, leaving behind colder temperatures. Always check the weather during the time you’re there when making a sailing route around Turkey on a gulet boat rental.

Reasons to Charter a Gulet Yacht in Turkey

Gulet charters in Turkey can be personalized to each client’s specific needs and demands. There are many different sized Gulets available, ranging from 3 to 8 cabins. Whether with a large group or with a small family, we will be able to provide you the most suitable options for your needs. You can choose the itinerary, the menu and the activities onboard. The crew will be available to help you to create your own holiday! You have a chance to wake up in hidden bays every day during your charter holiday. You will enjoy the traditions, culture, food and bays that can only be reached by boat, experiencing a unique comfort and luxury at the same time. Meanwhile, you don’t have to think about cooking, cleaning, changing the bed - it is all done for you by the crew! Each gulet has its own professional crew onboard included. The crew work with maximum motivation and efficiency to ensure you receive the best possible service. They are professional, and are experienced with the gulet, crew members, location and the suggested itineraries. They will be at your service while you are enjoying your Turkish yacht charter holiday. 

Suggested itinerary for your charter holiday

The crew, the owners and our gulet experts are here to help you with the best itinerary options which will be suitable for your needs. There are many different suggested itinerary options - just tell us the type of charter holiday you are looking for, and you will be suggested an itinerary which will match your every need. There are many beautiful hidden areas and bays along the Turkish coast where you can enjoy the crystal clear water, snorkel, enjoy the sound of the birds, have traditional food in restaurants with an amazing sunset views, visit traditional shops in land, relax on sublime beaches, visit happy hour clubs, do fun activities or visit architectural and historical places.

Provisions (Food and Beverages) Onboard:

Something important to consider when planning your gulet charter in Turkey is the food and drink. When you are visiting a new area, one of the best ways to learn the culture is by tasting the 

traditional foods and drinks. Before the crew entirely plans your food menu, they will be informed about your preferences, dislikes, allergies and other requirements. After that, they will prepare your food menu which will include your demands on the food. Each gulet has different crew onboard. With luxury gulets, the chef can modify his menu for specific demands such as vegan, sugar free, or traditional Turkish food, Italian menu etc. Soft drinks are usually included in the provisions, however alcohol is not included - it will be extra. You can inform the crew of your preferred alcohol, and when you arrive all of your provisions will be on board waiting for you.

FAQs about renting a gulet in Turkey

 What is the price of yacht charter in Turkey?

Prices for Gulet yacht charter can vary greatly depending on Gulet size, availability and the season. Prices begin at around 500€ per day, but there is no maximum. 

Can we travel with our children?

Of course! Most gulets have facilities such as water toys which are always enjoyed by children. Some gulets also have a DVD player, Apple TV, beach games, and board games for the children. 

Can we also visit Greek Islands during the charter?

Yes you can, but it is important to choose the right gulet and the right time for visiting the Greek Islands. If you inform one of our agents about this, they will provide you an offer which will also include a visit to Greek Islands during your charter. 

Does food and drink come included in the price?

We offer two options for our clients. Either you can charter a gulet with provisions (food and beverages) included or without the provisions. 

Do the crew have their own cabins and bathrooms?

Yes, the crew have always their own separate cabins and bathrooms. The clients do not need to share their bathrooms or their cabins with the crew. 

Do gulets have insurance?

All of the charter gulets in Turkey have insurance, but it is always suggested to the client have their own travel insurance. 

Is fuel included in the price?

Every gulet has different features, amenities and price details. Most gulets include 4 hours fuel per day in the price, and with an additional 4 hours of sailing you will be able to see and enjoy different places per day 

Is A/C included in the price?

As there are many different gulets for charter. Comfort, Luxury, Deluxe, Smaller, Economy. For this reason, it is not possible to say “a/c is always included in the price” as it depends on the gulet you would like to charter. However, on average, air conditioning is included for 6/8 hours per day. 

Are water toys included in the price?

Each gulet has different amenities and features. Some gulets come with water toys included, some do not. If you see the water sports in the gulet profile, they are included. If it doesn’t mention in the profile, they are not included but we can always provide you water toy options with a small fee. 

Do the crews speak English?

Depending on the gulet, there are minimum 3 crew onboard. At least one person from the crew will speak English. 

What is the minimum days to charter a gulet?

Gulet charters usually have a minimum duration of 1 week, Saturday to Saturday. However, in the lowest seasons you can charter a gulet for 4 days if there is a last minute availability.

How to get to Turkey?

The airports of Istanbul Ataturk, Istanbul Sabiha, Izmir, Ankara, Antalya and Dalaman will allow you to get there by plane from almost anywhere in Europe. Remember that there is also the option of sailing from Greece or Italy.
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Price depends on dates and duration of a charter Add dates for prices
Price depends on dates and duration of a charter Add dates for prices
Price depends on dates and duration of a charter Add dates for prices
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