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Fishing boat rentals 

Why should I rent a Fishing Boat? 

Fishing trips are an excellent way to enjoy the water with family and friends who enjoy calm days on the water. Ever wanted to catch your own lunch or dinner? Now is your chance! On your breaks from fishing, you may want to enjoy some water activities such as snorkeling and marine life spotting! In certain destinations you may get the chance to spot dolphins, sea turtles, small coves and more. Rent a boat for fishing and cruise to small islands near your destination!

How much does a fishing boat rental cost?

The rental price of this type of vessel depends on factors such as the season, boat features, the destination as well as other factors. The rental time ranges on the boat owner however it can go hourly, daily or weekly. This gives you the opportunity to choose between enjoying a full day on your chartered boat or rent for a week and stay on the boat!

Depending on the vessel type and boat features boat rentals in low season can range from $400 and up to $1,000 or more for a day rental. For a week charter during the low season can range anywhere from $876 and up to $8,760 or more

Do I need a boat license to rent a fishing boat?

A valid nautical boat license is needed if you would like to sail the boat on your own. Many boat options have mandatory skippers either included in the price or for an additional cost per day. This is because boat owners may not want to risk damaging the boat since it is difficult to repair these vessels, especially during the high season. In certain destinations, a fishing license may also be required if you are fishing on a boat. Ask the boat owner for more information!

What are the best destinations to rent a fishing boat?

There are many destinations to rent a fishing boat including Spain, Mexico, France, the Netherlands and Brazil. Whether you want to do a quick two hour fishing trip or a week long journey there are many different methods of fishing and places to try.

Spain is one of the biggest fishing markets in Europe! Find freshwater and saltwater fishing environments and be surprised by the different types of fish there are in each. Some common saltwater fish include Grouper, Sea bream, Cod and Swordfish. Make sure you check the restrictions for freshwater fishing! Due to climate change and overfishing, many freshwater fish have different levels of restrictions. Some of the unendangered freshwater fish includes the European Sea Bass, Freshwater Blennie, Largemouth Black Bass and more!

Mexico is another diverse destination for fishing. The Gulf of Mexico is one of the most ecologically diverse bodies of water offering various marine life such as sea turtles, dolphins, sharks and, of course, fish! Some common fish in the area include Red Snappers, Grouper, Wahoo, Spanish Mackerel, Mahi Mahi and more. Watch out for sharks! The most common type of sharks in the area include Tiger Sharks, Bull Sharks and Hammerheads. The size of the sharks measure between 7ft to 10ft. Inshore you can find fish around Isla Mujeres and Isla Blanca located 25 miles from Cancun. For trolling or bottom fishing we recommend going around 15 miles out. 

What should I consider when renting a boat for fishing?

Renting a boat for fishing has never been easier with the Nautal website. Once you decide on your destination, pick the boat that best fits your needs and the dates you would like to rent. Each boat owner´s offer on the Nautal website is different so make sure to look at the additional and included costs for each offer. 

Safety first! Confirm with the owner that life jackets are provided with your rental offer so you can continue having a great day on the water. Make sure to pack plenty of water, long lasting snacks, and extra hats and towels for the warm days. If you are a new boater, we recommend renting a boat with a captain. You can relax and enjoy the water while the captain worries about the rest!

Make sure to ask the boat owner about whether fishing equipment is provided or not. Depending on the boat owner's offer fishing equipment could be included, come at an additional cost or you will need to rent it from a third party provider. 

What is included in a fishing boat charter and what additional expenses can I expect?

Each boat offer is different and offers different additional and included charter services. Some boats have included expenses such as the fishing equipment, fuel, a mandatory skipper and final cleaning. Likewise, for other offers the fishing equipment, mandatory skipper and final cleaning are additional costs. The fuel likewise depends on the owner and some would rather you give back the boat with the fuel filled and others would prefer to do it themselves and ask for an additional cost for this. 

Additional charter costs that can be expected are mooring at the base or in other destinations. Sometimes mooring fees are included, included only during the week or are just additional costs. Some boat owners also offer water sport equipment at an additional cost which can include wakeboards, paddle surfs, donuts and snorkeling gear. If you are unsure about the additional and included costs ask the boat owner for more information. 

How can I rent a Fishing boat?

Renting a fishing boat is fast and easy with Nautal´s website. The first step is easy. Look for fishing boats in the destination that you would like to go to. Then using the filters on Nautal´s search engine you can filter y the number of passengers, if you need a skipper and the price range per day. 

Likewise, you may want to consider if you and your group want to stay onboard the boat in the evening. If so, then you will need to pick a boat with cabins and berths. Remember to count the skipper and any other crew members! There are many fishing boats to choose from in Spain and Mexico so start your search now.

What brands/models can I rent?

There are many brands and models available to rent on the Nautal website. Some brands and models available are:
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