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FAQs about Boat Rental in Whitsundays

Set foot on one of nature’s best creations and sail its waters on a boat rental in the Whitsundays. This one-of-a-kind compilation is home to the Great Barrier Reef and 74 picturesque islands. Visited by people from all over the world, there is something for everyone on this tropical coast. Swim with rainbow-coloured fish and other exciting sea life, cruise the crystal clear waters and when you fancy touching dry land, hike through dense rainforest and discover paradise on earth. 

Read through our FAQs on boat rental in the Whitsundays to find out more about the central hubs in the area, local airports, boat rental locations in the Whitsundays and activities to make your trip unforgettable. 

Where Is the Region’s Central Hub?

Visitors to the Whitsundays are often keen to know where they can fly or travel to in order to get to the Whitsundays, as well as where the big buzzes of people usually gather. Airlie Beach is considered one of the most central hubs and is a prime location for boat rental, too.

Hamilton Island is also a small hub where you can find lovely cafes and bars for yummy snacks and delightful cocktails. There are shops located nearby Hamilton Island Marina for you to pick up any groceries or other necessities for your boat trip.  

Where Do You Fly into for Whitsundays?

If you’re wondering how to get to Whitsundays, there are different options that you can consider. 

Whitsunday Airport Australia is located between Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour; this airport is highly recommended if you are flying privately and will allow you to observe the picture-perfect views from above. There is also an airport on Hamilton Island if you would prefer to fly there directly and rent from the port there. The airport is known as Great Barrier Reef Airport but it is also called Hamilton Island Airport.  

Where Can You Rent a Boat in the Whitsundays?
Boat rental is available in various locations on both mainland and the islands. Here are a list of harbours where you can rent a boat in the Whitsundays:

  • Abell Point Marina (this is the most popular harbour for boat rental)
  • Airlie Beach
  • Shute Harbour
  • Hamilton Island Marina
  • Long Island

What Things Are There to Do on the Whitsundays Islands?

Visit Whitehaven Beach; one of earth’s most beautiful beaches according to many. The sand is gleaming white and the seawater aqua blue. The beauty of a boat rental in the Whitsundays is that you can get there on your own accord. Whitehaven Beach is located on an uninhabited island which means visitors should organise their own transport there. If visiting the island, be sure to stopover at Hill Inlet but make sure you anchor further out to sea as it is a shallow inlet. 

Sail by Heart Reef and observe this natural phenomenon of sea life and coral that has naturally formed the shape of a heart. This area is ideal for snorkelling and relaxing on white-sand shores that are often secluded. 

The wonderful region, home to the Great Barrier Reef, is also an area where you can encounter some of the best resorts, hotels and restaurants in the world. If you’re looking to indulge, the Whitsundays know how to treat you right. Sail through some of the world’s most awe-inspiring waters, sink your toes into silky soft sand and overindulge in delicious delights at world-class restaurants. 
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