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Saint-Martin is an island in the Northeast of the West Indies. It is divided in two by a 10 km border, separating the French part from the Dutch part . The nearest islands are Anguilla and St. Bartholomew. The coasts of Saint-Martin are steep, sometimes bordered by white sandy beaches or pebbles . You may also come across steep cliffs up to 40 meters high.

On the tourist side, Saint-Martin is fast becoming one of the main destinations of the Caribbean. Hiking, horse riding, cycling, diving and quad biking are some of the other popular activities to do here. There is always something  for everyone. It is also renowned for its famous duty-Free stores where you will find perfume, leather goods or tobacco at a lower cost! The the nightlife in Saint-Martin is another crowd pleaser with; casinos, discos, concerts ... The island is a mecca of entertainment for all ages.

Saint-Martin has acquired a great reputation in the field of navigation and cruise. Despite the presence of shallows and corals, sailing around the island is accessible to everyone and is very pleasant. The tide is very weak and the sea is calm, sheltered by islets. If you have to take a break, you should know that there are many marinas are available, the Marina Royale in the heart of Marigot, Marina Fort Louis which is booming or the Marina Captain Olivers which offers an anchorage in the heart of a body of all natural water.

Finally, the island is experiencing an oceanic climate with a dry season (December to May) and a wet season (June to November) with the heavy rainfall during the depression, which can cause hurricanes . Temperatures can vary from 17ºC to 35ºC for an annual average of 27ºC . The sea surface temperature is fairly constant between 25ºC and 28ºC , perfect for swimming in almost transparent waters.
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