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An island of calm, tranquillity and peace. Menorca is located in the middle of the Western Mediterranean with its capital, Mahon, situated on the East Coast of the island. It is the third most populated out of all the Balearic Islands, after Mallorca and Ibiza. Boat rentals in Menorca are a popular way of moving about (without actually having to move your stuff!) while you explore this UNESCO declared Biosphere Reserve.

Renowned for its picture-postcard beaches, whitewashed coastal villages and quiet island feel, Menorca can be easily circumnavigated by a rented boat, offering the perfect blend of both sea and sand, and culture and cuisine. With a private charter around Menorca, you will have enough time to relax and soak in many of the island's most thrilling towns, as well as its hidden spots, secluded beaches and coves. The coastal crevices of Menorca are so versatile and full of surprises that they benefit from a full week-long charter. However, there are also many half-day or day-long excursions to be had, taking you from the idyllic beaches and charming fishing towns to a more wild landscape in the north. Rent a boat in Menorca!

Ports in Menorca

You can rent almost any kind of boat in Menorca. As the Balearic Islands are surrounded by beautiful cerulean sea, sailing the Balearic Sea is an amazing way of exploring its beauty without being surrounded by mass tourism!

Motorboat rentals are a favoured boat rental. Why lose the luxury when you can simply add the zoom?!

Alternatively, enjoy a romantic getaway on a  sailboat rental in Menorca. The ultimate adventure with no stress as even if you have no sailing proficiency, you can opt to sail with a professional skipper!

Here are a list of our boat rental locations on the island:

Best Places to Moor in Menorca

If you sail in Menorca, it is important that you know where to moor.

The Port of Mahon, located on the East Coast of the island of Menorca, is one of the largest natural harbours in the world. You can anchor a few metres from the city, and enjoy its transparent waters and nature that surrounds you. 

The Port of Ciutadella is located in the west of Menorca. It is considered one of the most historical ports in the Balearics, as there have been many boats stopping here since the Middle Ages. We recommend that you be careful with the unanticipated tides here, as the sea level rises and falls in a very short time.

Fornells also offers the option of both mooring and anchoring. Stopping in this fishing village in the north of Menorca will give you the chance to taste one of the most popular dishes in the most suitable place, the Caldereta de Langosta. 

Port of Cala’n Bosch enjoys a privileged location on the South-West Coast of Menorca. It is located next to Cape d’Ártruix and the virgin coves of the south. Access to this port is more limited than the rest, due to a bridge with a maximum height allowance of 6.80 metres and a maximum draft of 1.50 metres at its entrance.

Es Grau, is a small fishing port sheltered in nature with a wide sandy beach and Illa d’en Colom opposite. Its waters are not very deep. This is a prime location to rent kayaks and small boats, too.

Port Addaia is situated between P Natual s’Álbufera des Grau arque and Marina Reserve in Northern Menorca, close to numerous coves and unique places to practise diving and fishing. Menorca is an island with an endless number of pristine coves and paradisiacal beauty. You can sail these beautiful waters by yacht or catamaran in order to explore secret locations. 

If a rest stop is on the agenda, anchor in Cala Morell on the North Coast. If you prefer to stop on the SouthCoast you have the option of either Ses Fonatnelles, Cala Pregonda or Binimel·la among others. Be sure to visit Cala Alcalfar, Cala de Binibequer, Calescoves, Macarella and Macarelleta if you get the chance. 

Sailing in the Mediterranean Sea

Given Menorca's small size, it's easy to rent a boat with a skipper to explore both the coastline and the Mediterranean Sea. Choosing from a range of boats — whether a luxurious yacht or family-friendly catamaran — at a range of prices, you can plot an itinerary anywhere between 1 day to more than a month. Boat rental for a week will be enough time to fully explore the island and get a taste of the region's famed cuisine. Many experienced sailors even enjoy island-hopping from Menorca to Mallorca, just 30 miles on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. 

Circumnavigating Menorca by Boat

Although you can start from any one of Menorca's fine ports and well-serviced marinas, most visitors will choose to depart from the capital, Mahon, because of its transport links on arrival and departure. A famed destination in its own right, Mahon is a great hub with popular beaches. Sailing on past the charming fishing village of Binibequer, Cala Galdana and Ciutadella, be sure to take in the crystalline views of Cala Turqueta, one of the island's most picture-perfect beaches. From here stop at Cala Morell, Fornells and Es Grau, before coming full-circle with a final stop in Mahon.

Climate and Wind Conditions in Menorca

Visiting Menorca is a pleasure with its typical Mediterranean climate and an average annual temperature of 16.7 degrees.

An important aspect of the Menorcan climate is the wind, predominantly the tramontana from the north, which is usually persistent, cold, dry and strong. Luckily, the Tramontana is only caused for concern during the winter months.

Interesting tips about Menorca

One of the greatest treasures of Menorca is undoubtedly its beaches and coves. The only way to describe the coves of Menorca is to compare the crystal clear waters with those of the Caribbean. 

Here there are beaches to suit all tastes, from a touristic and lively scene to the most hidden secret coves.

Caves of clay and mud such as Cala Pilar, are magical places where you can take a mud bath and cleanse your skin with the natural remedies of this special clay. 

Another cove, Cala Maceralla is situated next to its sister Macarelleta. As this beach is such a well desired location, it is advised to get up early to secure a good spot. Though if you have your own boat rental in Menorca, there’s no need to reserve a spot on the crowded beach. Enjoy the view from your private sunbathing spot away from the masses.

After an excursion to the lighthouse of Cavalleria located a few kilometres away, you might fancy a swim in the crystal clear waters of Cala Pregonda. In Cala Pregonda, there are small islands, seagulls and, above all, the cool breeze that adds to the state of total tranquillity. 

Talaier is a cove with just a small presence of tourists. It is located between two beaches known as Son Saura and Cala Turqueta. Arriving from the first beach is simple, although the path can be somewhat overwhelming in the hottest hours of the day, so be sure to go in the cooler morning or after midday. The walk is worth it as you will see a tiny cove appear and feel rewarded by your precious discovery.

The cuisine of Menorca will please anyone's palette. Here, you will find the delicious cheese and meat. Inspirations come from Islamic, French, medieval and Catalan origin which are shown in the success of this gastronomy. In terms of liqueurs, Gin Xoriguer is one of the most characteristic liqueurs of the island with which prepares another of its essential summer drinks, the Ointment.  

How to get to get to Menorca

Thanks to tourism, Menorca, although a small island, is well connected with the main cities of Spain. In order to reach Menorca, this can be done by plane, to Menorca Airport (MAH) which is the main form of access to the island and is located 4.5 km from Mahon. 

Travelling by ferry is a good option as well, especially if you want to take your car. 

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