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Boat rentals in Exuma

What better way to explore the Bahamian cays than with an Exuma boat rental? The climate and sailing conditions in this part of the Bahamas are nothing short of perfect, and the Exuma islands, in particular, are renowned for their fresh, fished-based cuisine. The annual Bahamian Music and Heritage Festival showcases the local culture, the Family Island Regatta kicks off the start of every year, while the climate and sailing opportunities allow for year-round enjoyment of this beautiful island chain.

What to do with your Exuma boat rental

With 365 documented islands, Exuma is a district of the Bahamas. The capital is Georgetown, where you can visit the Government Building, explore the local shops and markets, or simply soak up the sun on the shores of Lake Victoria. Although there are a few smaller cays that remain under private ownership, there is still plenty to see in Exuma. The islands as a whole are very popular with those who love diving, caving and coral reef exploration, so charter a yacht for a week to fully experience all that the district has to offer.

Take time out and relax on white sandy beaches whilst listening to the waves of crystal clear water break at your feet. Visit the famous swimming pigs before snorkelling in the sea full of tropical fish more colours than you could ever imagine. If you’re brave enough, we recommend that you also pay a visit to Compass Bay and swim alongside real sharks. Haven’t had enough of animals just yet? Hang out with the iguanas of Leaf Cay. This 40-acre island was at one point actually owned by Nicolas Cage. In 2006, he purchased the island for $3 million, but once he saw the large population of iguanas living there, he decided to sell it back to the Bahamian government. 

Our favourite food spot in Exuma

If you’re missing the party atmosphere of Nassau, you could take a five-minute ferry ride from the big island to the nearby Stocking island for the Sunday afternoon pig roast at Chat ‘N’ Chill. Here boats line the waterfront, and there’s always a large group of people indulging in Goombay Smash cocktails, playing sand volleyball or sunbathing on the beach.

The climate in Exuma

Generally, the temperatures are always high in Exuma but on average, the warmest month is August and the coolest is January.

How to get to Exuma

Served by Exuma International Airport, Georgetown is a great choice for launching your Exuma boat rental holiday. It doesn’t matter whether you want to charter a small, intimate boat for a week, or want to know how to rent a larger vessel with a skipper to accommodate the whole family, finding the ideal boat at a great price is simple. With so many breathtakingly beautiful and interesting places to visit, spanning 72 square miles, you can make the most of the balmy Bahamian climate when you rent a boat in Exuma.

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