Boat rentals in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik was recognised as a World Heritage Site for culture by UNESCO in 1979 and since then, has been a magnet for travellers. Boat rentals in Dubrovnik are so popular due to its gorgeous beaches and historically timeworn Old Town. With Nautal, you have the opportunity to charter a yacht or catamaran and explore the sensational coastline that this Eastern European country has to offer in the comfort of a luxurious aquatic hotel with your friends and family. Considered the culture centre of Croatia, numerous great ports, artists, physicists and mathematicians came from this important city.

Ports and Harbors in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has a main port (Port of Dubrovnik), as well as a marina (ACI Marina Dubrovnik). Our boat rentals, such as catamaran rentals and sailboat rentals, are based in both locations. While Port of Dubrovnik is the main form of access, the marina is situated slightly more inland at the mouth of the River Ombla. Another port where you can start you charter is Cavtat Marina

Please note: all our yacht rentals are based in Port of Dubrovnik.

Climate and Sailing Conditions in Dubrovnik

The wonderful mediterranean climate with many sunny days and an average water temperature of 22°C offers excellent conditions for a boat rental between April and October. 

The wind conditions are ideal for beginner sailors in summer time, but not to be underestimated the further one goes out to sea. On average, the wind blows in a north-westerly direction and tends to range between 6 - 23 mph ( 5 - 20 knots), sometimes picking up to 28 mph (25 knots).

Itinerary Ideas for Dubrovnik

There are an abundance of things to see and do in Dubrovnik. Home to impressive architecture, walk the 1940 metres of the city walls with fantastic coastal views. Explore the Prince’s Palace, Orlando’s Column and the Franciscan monastery which contains one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe (1317). 

The annual summer festivals in July and August at Lovrijenac Fortress are devoted to performing arts and are favoured as the most important festivals of the year.

As if this incredible city wasn’t already notorious enough, the famous TV series Game of Thrones is set in Dubrovnik in many of its episodes - visit the film set!

The nightlife in Dubrovnik consists of concerts, nightclubs, cocktails bars and numerous restaurants. Be sure to try local specialities, such as the famous black risotto or various wines from neighbourhood vineyards. 

Travel Tips for Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) is approx. 20 km from the city centre. This coastal city famously has no train station, so if you need a ride from the airport, bus or taxi are reliable options. 

Sailing areas in Dubrovnik

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Boat rentals in Dubrovnik

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