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Bodrum is a Turkish town located on the peninsula of the same name in the Aegean Sea. It is considered the "home of Turkish sailing" and is popular among yachting enthusiasts. 

The Greek islands of Kalymnos, Pserimos and Kos are also located not so far from the peninsula. The city of Bodrum itself is located on the southern coast of the peninsula in the north of the Gulf of Gökova, making the resort an ideal place for boat rental and sailing. 

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Bodrum?

Renting a boat in Bodrum costs from 241 dollars per day in low season and from 1759 dollars for a week. In high season, the price of renting a boat in Bodrum begins from 406 dollars per day and from 2613 dollars for a week. There are several factors that can affect the price: type of boat, length of the boat, age, capacity, with or without a skipper, additional costs, etc. 

Is it possible to rent a boat in Bodrum with or without a skipper? 

Renting a boat in Bodrum with a skipper is ideal if you want to be guided through the best places in the area and get the most out of your sailing experience. You can rent a boat in Bodrum without a skipper if you have the appropriate licence or if there are boats available to rent that do not require a licence. It is without a doubt a great idea to be the captain of your own boat if you are an experienced sailor.

What to do in Bodrum?

Bodrum has plenty of tourist attractions. Travellers can visit traditional Turkish villages, spend time in bars and nightclubs, as well as rent a boat and explore the coast. 

Bodrum was once a small fishing village with a population of just a few thousand: over the last fifty years, the city has completely transformed itself to become one of Turkey's most popular resorts. 

When you come to Bodrum, you have the opportunity to see one of the wonders of the world - the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus - as well as the medieval St Peter's Castle and other sights. In the evening you will have a pleasant time on the coast. In the eastern part of the city, there are a large number of bars and nightclubs that are open until the early morning. In the western part, the nightlife is calmer and more measured: at yacht clubs and marinas. 

If you rent a boat in Bodrum, you will have additional opportunities. The water in the Aegean is crystal clear and the coast is full of charming harbours and raids. In addition, if you decide to sail along the coast of the peninsula, you will discover many deserted beaches and traditional Turkish villages. 

Although sailors are afraid of the strong winds in summer, the wind will not darken your holiday, as Gumusluk village is located near the city on the peninsula, which is protected from the wind and could become an alternative to Bodrum during this period. In addition to this, Aspat Bay is a popular destination for sailing enthusiasts, which is also protected from the north-western winds that make it difficult to sail. The fact that it has served as a refuge for pirates in the past adds a unique charm to the place. 

The Gulf of Gökova also offers excellent conditions for sailing. Although there are almost no tourist attractions on the north coast, there are berths and restaurants every few miles. There are picturesque islands closer to the southern coast of the bay. One of them, Cleopatra Island, is famous for its Roman ruins and soft white sand beaches. According to legend, Mark Antony brought this sand from Egypt for his beloved Cleopatra.

After a tour of historical and architectural monuments, make sure to visit one of the beaches, go diving, jet skiing and sailing to the Black Island - Kara Ada.

Also, don't forget about the opportunities offered by eastern Turkey: go shopping at a local bazaar, have a drink at a Turkish bath, try doner kebabs and luscious sweets. 

How is the weather in Bodrum?

Bodrum has a temperate Mediterranean climate with long, warm summers and short, humid winters. The best season for sailing in this region is from April to October. Temperatures reach 34º between July and August. However, even in the coldest months, the average temperature does not drop below 15º. Winds in this area blow from the north and north-west, reaching 11-16 knots, saving you from the hot sun during the summer months. 

How to get to Bodrum?

To get to Bodrum from any destination is primarily possible by plane with a connection in Istanbul. You can also fly to one of the Turkish cities and get to Bodrum by bus. The third option is to rent a boat in one of the port cities on the Turkish or Greek coast and get to the peninsula by sea. 
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