FAQs about Boat Rental in Australia

Check our two of our top FAQs on boat rental in Australia. The following information should help you make some important decisions about your sailing experience in Oz and give you some top tips for what to do on and off board. 

Where Can You Rent a Boat in Australia?

Where Can You Sail in Australia?

Australia’s shimmering coastline is lined with wonderful areas for sailing or mooring and exploring the mainland. Here is some information to help you decide where to sail in Australia on your boat rental

  • The Whitsundays

This might seem like a classic holiday destination yet it is so popular for many reasons, and for one very special reason in particular. These fabulous islands blessed by the Great Barrier Reef will triumph in any sailing holiday. What better way to cruise the Barrier Reef than on your own private vessel? You don’t have to sail for a certain duration; if you’re looking for just a couple of days or even an afternoon, this is the ultimate boat rental location. 

  • Moreton Bay

Situated in Queensland, this beautiful bay lies on the coast between Stradbroke Island, Moreton and mainland Australia. It is near Brisbane which means you can fly to Brisbane and rent directly from there, or alternatively find something a little closer. This area is fantastic for both couples looking to get away and cruise the islands or for big families who want to pack in as many activities as possible. This area is somewhat an aquatic hotspot for divers, avid swimmers and sailors. 

  • Great Sandy Strait

Another option in this spectacular location is the Great Sandy Strait, situated between Bundaberg and the Sunshine Coast. The transparent water is remarkable for daytime dips and is the perfect place to rent a boat in Australia. There is an abundance of marine life here too; you can sight dolphins, turtles, whales and dugongs! 

  • Port Jackson, Sydney

Keep it classic and combine your sailing holiday with a trip to the Opera House and many other top sights in Sydney. Port Jackson is lined by Sydney Harbour National Park but it is also within reach of other must-visit areas such as Bondi Beach. The stellar combo of wonderful weather and stunning scenery make for a fantastic stay on a boat in Sydney.

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