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Sailing boat rentals in Athens

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All about Sailboat Rentals in Athens

The perfect way to spend your family summer holiday, or escape with your other half on a romantic trip back in time to Ancient Greece. Start your sailboat rental in Athens for the trip of a lifetime and the opportunity to gain some historical insight into one of Europe's most famous capital cities. You can choose where to plan your sailing route, be it the Saronic Gulf or going all out and navigating to other island areas such as the Cyclades and Ionian Islands. 

Sailboat Rental Area in Athens

All of our sailboat rentals are based in Marina Kalamaki in Athens.

Climate and Sailing Conditions in Athens

The most important aspect of sailing conditions in the Athens area and Saronic Gulf is the meltemi wind. Although not as regular as in the Cyclades, the meltemi blows in a northerly direction from July to October and varies in wind force from 4-6. There is also a calmer southerly wind varying from force 2-4.
From May to October, the temperatures stay above 20°C and average 29°C in peak summertime. 

Itinerary Ideas for Athens

You might have your own idea of itinerary plans or routes for your sailboat rental, but we would like to highlight some of Athens’ top attractions. 

The Acropolis and Parthenon are the top sights for visitors and are influential heritage symbols for the locals. The Parthenon was named after Athena Parthenos, the Greek Goddess of craft, wisdom and war.

Museums and temples are profuse in Athens! Here are some you might be interested in visiting: the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Byzantine and Christian Museum, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, The Benaki Museum, the Museum of Islamic Art.

For sailing routes and destination ideas, we recommend the Saronic Gulf and the Cyclades Islands (the meltemi blows more forcefully in the Cyclades in summer, so we advise being an experienced sailor, or simply renting a sailboat with a skipper).

Travel Tips for Athens

You can reach Athens city centre from the airport (ATH) in approximately an hour by bus, or even quicker by taxi. The distance is 33 km.

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