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Reviews from our clients for Mallorca

Reviews from our clients for Mallorca

446 reviews

  • To rent a boat is excellent idea, however, get ready for Spanish surprises, like: sign agreement with the owner in Spanish only, pay 40 eur for daily trip (cost of motoring during the week around Mallorca), find parking if you rent a car. Safety issue: this boat is for lake or river - not suitable for open sea, means limited area to drive around - advice from my navy husband. But we had a fun and lovely swim.
    Yelena B.

    rented a Sunchaser 7516 Cruise

    Published Sep 21, 2018

  • It depends on preference. We like most of the south and west coast of Majorca. There are plenty of lovely Marinas you just need to do plenty of research of the island. We love being able to nip in and out of Palma and great to see it from the boat this time. Port Soller is definitely worth a visit.
    Kate W.

    rented a Sea Ray 260

    Published Jul 10, 2019

  • Great beaches, food, amenities. The coast line is incredible and should be explored. The boat trip we had enabled us to get to a remote beach that would have taken an hours walk otherwise. The experience of the coast by the sea for the family is one we will never forget
    Noel P.

    rented a Prinz Rapsody 40 Offshore

    Published Aug 2, 2018

  • There are some very nice bays with small restaurants or areas to anchor and enjoy the views. We didn’t venture far due to the weather which was cold and wet, but still thoroughly enjoyed the time out on the water in a great boat
    John B.

    rented a Pronautica 880 Open Sport

    Published May 26, 2019

  • We particularly enjoyed sitting in the front of the boat. The skipper was really kind and showed us a beautiful bay in which we spend some time. The drinks that were included were also very good! Great experience
    Julia S.

    rented a Bavaria 29 sport DC

    Published Jun 20, 2019

  • Nice beaches and girls
    Miro B.

    rented a Bayliner Q600 Atlas (8p/115hp)

    Published Jul 27, 2018

  • Everything was wonderful, we had a great time! The only thing needed attention is having more supply of water and ice (we requested more before departure)

    rented a Custom Frauscher 1017

    Published Aug 13, 2018

  • Mallorca is a very pretty city. Old town is beautiful with a lot of good restaurants. Lots to do for Parties. Beaches are amazing.
    Damien K.

    rented a Sea Ray 260

    Published Jun 17, 2019

  • Try and find coves not accessible via land for the best experience. Also best to do your own research on places to visit.
    Mario D.

    rented a Sea Ray 270 Sundancer

    Published Jul 31, 2018

  • El Toro beach and Cala Nova were amazing beaches for swimming and relaxing. The boat ride was the highlight of our trip.
    Angelica A.

    rented a Bavaria 29 sport DC

    Published Jun 16, 2019

  • There are many Best beach!!!! Various activities! I can many experience in Mallroca! I can borrow boat without license

    rented a Bayliner 16 element

    Published Sep 2, 2018

  • A boat for the day!!! Most beaches can only be explored by sea. Rent a Finca and a car And form part of the locals.
    Kenneth T.

    rented a Cranchi Endurance 41

    Published Jul 7, 2019

  • Port is in good place , You can easy reach the beautiful places like Camp de mar, lots of nice blue bays around:)
    Kamil K.

    rented a Bayliner 16 element

    Published Sep 23, 2018

  • Mallorca has some of the best beaches, it is an amazing party place, with great people, good food, sun and fun.
    Renata W.

    rented a Bavaria 29 sport DC

    Published May 27, 2019

  • The beaches were incredible. We spent a lot of time at the beaches and loved stopping the boat for a swim!

    rented a Galeon 39 Fly

    Published Jul 12, 2019

  • Everything was fantastic. Sunil was great and the beauty of Mallorca was amazing. The boat was also great
    Veronica J.

    rented a Sealine Sport 35 Open

    Published Sep 2, 2018

  • Port Pollenca is ideal for families and beginners.
    Wolf S.

    rented a Zar Formenti zar 75

    Published Aug 14, 2018

  • great beaches, coves, decent snorkeling
    John G.

    rented a Cranchi Endurance 41

    Published Jul 12, 2019

  • Majorca has beautiful beaches and small towns nestled in the hillside. Also, quant ports await (Andratx is one example.) In short, Majorca has the best beaches, excellent boating and swimming, great restaurants and relaxation.
    Adam B.

    rented a Sea Ray 270 Sundancer

    Published Jul 18, 2018

  • Majorca is beautiful and has so many pretty poets and beaches to visit. I would recommend a visit to Nikki beach for a lovely day and a visit to port andraxt for a quiet day
    Hannah J.

    rented a Sea Ray 270 Sundancer

    Published Jul 12, 2018

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