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Charter Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 40.7 Sydney

Beneteau - Oceanis 40.7 | 10 people (2014)

Without a skipper

From €2,090 per day

Charter Sailboat Hunter 38 Sydney

Hunter - 38 | 10 people (2005)

Without a skipper

From €700 per day

Charter Catamaran Seawind 1050 Resort Sydney

Seawind - 1050 Resort | 30 people (2008)

Without a skipper

From €1,973 per day

Charter Catamaran Custom Built 43ft Catamaran Sydney

Custom Built - 43ft Catamaran | 35 people (2008)

With a skipper

From €2,706 per day

Charter Motorboat Riviera Yachts Charters 55 Sydney

Riviera Yachts Charters - 55 | 12 people (2009)

With a skipper

From €3,970 per day

Charter Motorboat Riviera Sport Yachts 55 Sydney

Riviera Sport Yachts - 55 | 22 people (2009)

With a skipper

From €4,510 per day

Charter RIB Tornado 5.8 Multipurpose RIB Sydney

Tornado - 5.8 Multipurpose RIB | 8 people (2016)

Without a skipper

From €900 per day

Charter RIB Tornado 4.8 Multipurpose RIB Sydney

Tornado - 4.8 Multipurpose RIB | 6 people (2015)

Without a skipper

From €800 per day

Charter Motor yacht Warren Yachts Supernova 77 Sydney

Warren Yachts Supernova - 77 | 1 person (2009)

With a skipper

From €5,860 per day

Charter Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 40 Sydney

Beneteau - Oceanis 40 | 8 people (2010)

With a skipper

From €1,333 per day

Charter Sailboat Custom Built Sailing Boat 18mt Sydney

Custom Built Sailing Boat - 18mt | 50 people (1986)

With a skipper

From €1,651 per day

Charter Catamaran Seawind 1000 Sydney

Seawind - 1000 | 16 people (2015)

Without a skipper

From €1,603 per day

Charter Catamaran SEAWIND 1000 Sydney

SEAWIND - 1000 | 1 person (1994)

Without a skipper

From €366 per day

Charter Motorboat Genesis 360 Targa Cruiser Sydney

Genesis - 360 Targa Cruiser | 12 people (2005)

With a skipper

From €2,100 per day

Charter Motorboat Randell 32 Sydney

Randell - 32 | 12 people (1984)

With a skipper

From €1,720 per day

Charter Sailboat Jeanneau 49I Sydney

Jeanneau - 49I | 12 people (2014)

With a skipper

From €1,973 per day

Charter Sailboat Moody 54 Sydney

Moody - 54 | 12 people (2015)

With a skipper

From €1,800 per day

Charter Catamaran Seawind 1160 Sydney

Seawind - 1160 | 30 people (2006)

With a skipper

From €1,965 per day

Boat Rental Sydney

As Australia’s most populous city and also the first major city in the world to see in the New  Year, it’s no wonder that Sydney boat hire is so popular.  Even if you ignore the city’s 100+ beaches, there’s no way you should pass up the opportunity to admire the world’s biggest natural harbour and, if you go between May and June, the whole harbour, from Sydney Opera House to Sydney Harbour bridge is lit up for Vivid Sydney, Australia’s very own festival of lights.

Whether you’re looking for catamarans or sailboats, with a skipper or without, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

How much does a boat charter in Sydney cost?

The price of renting a boat in Sydney varies greatly depending on a number of factors, including the number of people, the duration of the trip, and the type of boat you want to rent.

How much does it cost for a boat charter in Sydney for a day?

Sailboat: From €700 per day

Motorboat: From €2,100 per day

RIB: From €800 per day

Yacht: From €5,860 per day

Catamaran From €366 per day

How much does it cost for a boat charter in Sydney for a weekend?

Sailboat: From €2,000 for a weekend

Motorboat: From €4,200 for a weekend

RIB: From €2,400 for a weekend

Yacht: From €18,930 for a weekend

How much does it cost for a boat charter in Sydney for a week?

Motorboat: From €12,600 for a week

RIB: From €5,600 for a week

Yacht: From €44,170 for a week

What does this include?

The cost of your boat rental itself is included in the initial price. Fuel is calculated at the end of your journey and will be calculated based on how far you have travelled and the type of boat you have rented. Additional extras such as crew, a skipper and water sports equipment are sometimes included in the cost but it is important to check this with the boat owner prior to your trip. 

What are the weather and sailing conditions like in Sydney?

The temperature in Sydney usually stays between 47 and 80°F (8.3-26.7°C), rarely exceeding 90°F (32.2°C) or dropping below 42°F (5.6°C).  The hottest month is January, which has an average high temperature of 80°F (26.7°C) and the coldest month is July, which has an average low of 47°F (8.3°C).  The water temperature is at its warmest in February when it is usually around 73°F (22.8°C), and the water temperature is coldest in August when it averages at around 64°F (17.8°C).

The wind speed in Sydney stays fairly consistent all year round.  However, the windiest month is July, with average wind speeds of 7.1 knots (8.2 mph/13.2 kmph) and the calmest month is April, when the wind speeds average at around 6.4 knots (7.4 mph/11.9 kmph).

The rainy season in Australia runs from January until March, with the official cyclone season lasting from November to April.  It should be noted, however, that very few cyclones actually occur, just make sure that you check the weather forecast before setting off during these months.  Typically, February is the month that receives the most rainfall, with 4 inches (10.16 cm), while September has the least rainfall, with an average of 1.8 inches (4.57 cm).

When is the best time for boat rentals in Sydney?

The high season in Sydney runs from December until February, as although this time overlaps with the rainy season, it also gets the best temperatures.  However, because this is the high season, there are likely to be a lot of crowds.  If you want to avoid the crowds, we suggest going in either October and November, or March and April as the temperatures in this month are still going to be pleasant if you want to swim or snorkel, but there will be fewer people around.

Where can I sail on a boat charter in Sydney?

There are many great ports and sailing areas in Sydney.  Just a few of these include:

Cronulla has many fantastic beaches and Cronulla beach stretches from Boat Harbour to North Cronulla with plenty of rock pools that are teaming with life.  From here you can also head out to Shark Island, the best place for surfing and bodyboarding in the area or Port Hacking, which is a great place to participate in many different watersports, including waterskiing and wakeboarding.

Bobbin Head is a great place to go sailing on account of the wide range of attractions and facilities.  It also has many fantastic areas for barbecues, picnics and playing a quick game of cricket with the locals.

  • Lake Illawarra

Lake Illawarra is not just great for fishing, it is also a bird lover's dream.  Just a few of the species you can see here include ibises, cormorants, spoonbills and pelicans.

  • Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is one of the best fishing spots in Sydney, with picturesque beaches, complete with blue water and white sand.  A few of the fish species you can catch here include snappers, flatheads and leatherjackets.  If you aren’t an experienced sailor and don’t feel confident on the open water, Currambene Creek feeds into the bay and is also fantastic for fishing.

  • Hawkesbury River

This is definitely the perfect spot for anyone who wants to escape the city for a little while.  Lined with native forests and national parks, there are so many areas to explore here that you can come back over and over again and still discover something completely new.  It is also a great place for salmon fishing all year round, as well as trying out waterskiing and wakeboarding.

  • Shoalhaven Heads

Shoalhaven Heads is a great place for people who like to be in nature.  While you’re here, you should definitely sail around Comerong Island, which is full of fishing spots and picnic areas, as well as being the perfect place to see lots of species of birds.

  • Sydney Harbour

There are lots of different areas of Sydney Harbour, so there is plenty of choice regarding docking areas.  This is the ideal location to refuel, grab a bite to eat, or even just use the wifi!

Other notable sailing areas and marinas include:

  • Balmoral Boatshed Marina
  • D’Albora Rushcutters Bay
  • Mosman Bay Marina
  • Rose Bay Marina
  • Double Bay Marina

What to do on a boat rental in Sydney?

There is so much to do in Sydney that it can be difficult to give you just a short list, but here are some of our top recommendations.

For people who like to see a lot of nature, there are many things to do.  If you go to the Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park, you will be treated to many beautiful sights, and you can even meet koalas and feed kangaroos.  Another place to see koalas is the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, which is the world’s first hospital dedicated solely to the care and rehabilitation of koalas.

If you don’t mind heights, there are a couple of other suggestions.  You can either visit Echo Point lookout or do the Illawarra Fly Treetop adventures.  The latter is a unique trail that you can follow through the treetops of the beautiful Australian rainforest.

For a truly unique experience you can visit the Jenolan Caves, which is one of the oldest cave systems in the world, or take a stroll through Hunter Valley Gardens, one of the most beautiful vineyards in Australia.

If you’re more interested in culture, you can visit one of the many museums in Sydney, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, and the Powerhouse Museum.  Alternatively, you can also go to the opera at Sydney Opera House, an absolute must while you’re in the city.

There are also a wide range of sport related activities you can participate in while in Sydney, some on land and some in the water.  You can play golf or cricket with the locals, as well as trying out waterskiing, various forms of surfing, and snorkeling in a wide range of prime locations, including Shelly Beach, Fairlight, and Bare Island, just off the coast of La Perousse.  
The one thing we can guarantee is that you will not be bored during your boat charter in Sydney.

How to get to Sydney?

Depending on where you live, Sydney isn’t the easiest place to get to but of course the quickest and easiest way to reach Sydney is to fly.  Most direct flights are from Asia, but there are also some options from South Africa, Canada and some states across the USA, including Hawaii.  If you’re a little more adventurous, you can also take a ship trip from Asia to one of the ports in the north of Australia and then take a road trip across the country until you reach Sydney.

Rent a boat in Sydney with or without a skipper

Yes! In Sydney it is possible to rent a boat both with and without a skipper but if you plan on renting without, you must have a boating licence if the boat can travel faster than 10 knots (18.5 kmph/11.5 mph).

Bareboat charters in Sydney are perfect for experienced sailors who want to explore the area at their leisure. If you aren’t a confident sailor though, or simply want a more relaxing holiday, you should rent with a skipper and let them guide you to all the best sights and attractions in Sydney.

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Low season price: €100 per day
High season price:€250 per day
Brands:Beneteau, Jeanneau, and more

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