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Boat Rental in Spain

Glistening waters, lively towns, sizzling seafood and tranquil beaches await with a boat rental in Spain. With several coastlines to choose from on Spain's Atlantic and Mediterranean-facing sides, by far the most popular areas are along the east, including Costa Blanca, Costa Brava and the Balearic Islands. Learning how to rent a boat is easy; simply choose from a wide variety of vessels and select your charter with a skipper for a week—or just a few days—to indulge in Spain’s best beaches and sea views.

Exploring Spain’s Mediterranean with a Boat Charter

Boat charters can open up a world of adventurous and idyllic possibilities. With anchorage in bustling culinary capitals like Barcelona—home to many famous landmarks, tourist sights and world-class art galleries—and relaxing charters to the famous Ibiza and Mallorca islands, Spain offers spectacular sunsets, plentiful sunshine and limitless itineraries. For the best taste of the Mediterranean in one week, depart to the Balearic Islands and meander between quiet crystal-clear bays, verdant uninhabited islets and picturesque villages with a glass of champagne on board. 

Find Spain’s Hidden Gems with a Boat Rental

Although the bulk of boat rentals occur on Spain’s prized and warm Mediterranean coast, the north also provides sumptuous sailing and quiet opulence. The coast along northwestern Spain in particular, in Asturias and Galicia, you'll find crowd-less coves and sandy beaches with luscious green, mountainous views. Summer is the best chance to experience warmer shores and gentler winds, and navigation along the Rias of Galicia is breath-taking with plentiful inlets and picture-postcard towns with fresh seafood.

Where to Visit on a Boat Rental in Spain

There are unlimited destinations to choose from for your boat charter in Spain. Why not explore the enchanted coastal region of Galicia and cruise down to Portugal to create the ultimate culture trip. Alternatively, you can rent a boat in Spain in the south and explore some of Spain’s renowned cities such as Almeria, Malaga and Seville. It’s also possible to venture to Portugal from here; this time to the southern Algarve region where you can explore Faro, Albufeira and Lagos. 

Here are three of our top sailing destinations that you can explore on a boat rental in Spain:

  • Barcelona

Barcelona is one of Spain’s most popular tourist spots, with the ultimate combination of culture, class and splendid weather. Not only does Barcelona boast endless tourist sites and lunch spots, but you can also sail to various areas of Spain from here. For example, the Costa Brava region and the French Riviera, or even the Balearic Islands. You can also explore in a southerly direction along the Costa Dorada—the choice is yours.

  • Málaga

A top choice for metropolitan nightlife, sandy stretches of coastline and a sizzling summer season, Malaga will not disappoint. Within close proximity to Marbella, Almeria and quaint seaside towns, tailor your Spanish sailing adventure to your own taste. For those who are feeling adventurous, why not explore the Alboran Sea or even stop over in Morocco?

  • Ibiza

A European party paradise surrounded by tranquil islets is just the right combination for those looking to escape on a boat charter in Spain, yet still enjoy a night out on the town. Alternatively, if you’re looking for more of a quiet escape, a boat rental will give you the freedom to explore uninhabited islets and remote underwater locations. Pack your scuba diving kit (or rent a boat that provides it) and forget about the rest of the world as your cruise through crystal blue waters. 

Boat Rental Activities in Spain

Sailing Conditions in Spain

One of the reasons that Spain is such a desirable sailing destination is partly thanks to its Mediterranean climate. As it is such a geographically diverse country, sailors are able to choose from cooler climes in the summer and warmer hotspots in the winter.

In the summertime, trade winds are usually the strongest throughout the warmest time of day. The wind speed can be a little more than the anticipated average 30 mph in WAZ (wind acceleration zones). Areas in the north are prone to more wind and there are often stronger bouts in the north-east of Spain towards the French Riviera. 

When preparing for your boat rental in Spain, it is important to check the weather regularly and to keep up-to-date. Although Spanish sailing weather is typically calm and typically Mediterranean, just like anywhere else, the weather can be subject to unexpected changes. 

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