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What should I consider when chartering a yacht?
You should first consider how long you want to charter a yacht for, the size and what activities you and your group may enjoy doing. When renting a boat of this type, the size of the yacht is very important since this will determine how long the yacht charter can be. Most 25 meter (82 ft) yachts are chartered on a weekly basis. Shorter private charters are only available in last minute bookings, or for smaller yachts that do offer daily charter rates. You can also charter yachts with a captain and crew, who take care of every detail to make your holiday an unforgettable experience. Crewed charter yachts allow for you and your family or friends to fully enjoy and relax with your dream boat vacation. Check with the owner if the captain and crew are included in the yacht charter prices!
How much does a yacht rental cost?
Yacht rental prices vary depending on your luxury yacht charter choice. Features which make the price vary are the season, size of the yacht, manufacturer and more! A yacht charter in low season can cost anywhere from $1,500 a day and $10,000 per week. In high season yacht rental costs from $1,800 per day and $12,487 per week. The price will increase the more luxurious and extravagant you choose your yacht rental to be. For example, over 50 meter (165 ft) megayachts can cost $500,000 or more per week. A yacht charter cost can also have additional and inclusive rates. Depending on the owner´s boat rental offer, the skipper and crew can be included or be an additional cost. Just imagine your luxury yacht charter with delicious food and drinks for your whole family to enjoy. Each charter experience is different so speak to the owner of the boat for more information on what is included in the price and what type of yacht you are looking for.
Where to rent a yacht?
Nautal charters yachts all around the world with many options available on the Amalfi Coast, Costa Azul, Porto Cervo and beautiful Ibiza. You can also charter a yacht in the Caribbean, Croatia or Greece. You can spend your vacation on a yacht, celebrate your birthday, organize a party, and more! Check out our different yacht charter destinations!
What does a yacht charter rate include and what additional fees can I expect to pay?
For one-week megayacht charters the price is usually given without Taxes. Taxes range significantly by destination and will vary if more than one country is visited. You will also need to pay for an estimated running of expenses paid by an Advance Provisioning Allowance, or APA. Expenses include fuel (the largest cost in yacht rentals), food and beverages, port fees, etc. APA typically accounts for between 25% and 35% of the charter price, and with it, the captain will pay all holiday expenses. Whatever is not used will be returned to the customer after the charter. Finally, you will need to consider the tip for the crew, which is a percentage of the rental price, approximately 10% in Europe and 15% in the US. This is highly recommended since a professional and trained crew has a direct impact on the success of the holidays.
Do I need a license to charter a yacht?
If you want to be the one who sails the yacht, you will need the Yachtmaster Ocean license or the equivalent, depending on the country. However if you want to sail in luxury and comfort you can charter the yacht with a captain and crew. On the Nautal platform, over 15 meter (50 ft) yachts are only chartered with a captain, except for some located in Croatia. This is because the yachts are very expensive and the risk of damage for the owner is very high. Also during the high season the yacht owners often cannot get them repaired easily without an advanced booking.

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Holidays are even better on the water as landscapes show off their finest side to those who set sail...

About yacht rentals

A private yacht is an elegant and luxurious boat that will take you to new places, where you can spend only a few days, a week, or longer enjoying cocktails and tasting unique dishes prepared by the chef on board. The crew will be at your disposal to cater to all your food and drink needs and make your holiday unforgettable. Renting a yacht can help make your holiday an exclusive experience. 

Yacht rentals give you endless options on what to do whether it is with your adventurous friend group or relaxed family. You may decide to go fishing with your boat rental and catch dinner for a delicious BBQ prepared by the chef on board! Water sports is another great option! Some yachts have inclusive rates for water sports such as snorkelling, paddle surfing, and additional costs for a dive scooter. 

You can also rent a yacht for a day to celebrate a holiday onboard a perfect boat. Whether it is for a birthday party, family gathering or even an anniversary. This is a perfect boat rental option for those who like to relax and move around in style! 

How can I rent a yacht?

Checking out the yachts for rent has never been easier with Nautal´s website! Filter in features such as the dates you would like to travel, the destination or port, number of people, size, services offered and more. When you find a model that suits your needs, you can request a quote and contact the owner. You have the choice of renting a yacht daily or weekly giving you the freedom to choose how long and when to rent. 

Yacht rental prices range depending on the features stated above as well as if it is high or low season and the type of yacht you choose. Depending on the owner´s offer there may also be different includes and additional costs. 

Things such as water sports equipment, mooring fees, the cabin crew and taxes are all costs that could be included or additional. Remember that the total number of occupants must include cabin crew and the capital! So ensure you choose a yacht that includes all members that will be staying on the boat. 

 For smaller yachts, the price starts at 1,500 dollars per day and goes up to 500,000 dollars per week in the high season. There is also a security deposit that has to be paid at check-in which can start from $600. 

What can I do if I rent a yacht?

By renting a yacht you can enjoy a holiday full of comfort and relaxation. If you enjoy a touch of luxury in your life then a luxury yacht charter is without a doubt the perfect holiday experience for you! Get your group together rent and indulge in world-class gourmet lunches and dinners, aperitifs, and parties. You can also relax and sunbathe on a soft mattress or use the equipment onboard and go scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, and much more. 

Look for yacht rentals near you, whether you want to go for mega yachts for rent or a small yacht charter there are many choices to suit your needs. You also have the choice of hiring a yacht for a day, which can be a great choice for an unforgettable experience with a crewed charter during the summer season. 

This boat type offers a large range of different activities depending on your preference! Whether you choose to relax and use the deck to read books and practice photography or dive into the turquoise waters and enjoy some water sports. This is a great idea for a vacation yacht rental! Enjoy the water with water sports such as paddleboards, surfing, kayaking and more on your yacht hire!

Discover your dream destination and more at secret and exciting spots throughout the day, before heading to the mainland in the evening and sitting down for a delicious dinner onboard prepared by the crew members. Get ready to celebrate to the beat of the music whilst indulging and sampling delicious cocktails!

If you rent a luxury yacht, you must look for a dedicated crewed yacht charter rental! This means you can be relaxing and enjoying your vacation to the maximum while someone takes care of cooking, beverages and sailing your private yacht rental. 

Rent a yacht near you! Nautal has private yacht charters available around the world. 

Who can I rent a yacht with?

You can rent a yacht and spend time with your family or group of friends onboard a luxury charter experience on the water. The choice is yours! Nautal offers many different sizes of yachts from 6 places up to 13 places. 

Remember that the captain and crew members will also need to be counted within the total places! Check with the owner of the boat if you have any questions. 

This is a perfect boat rental choice for families looking for a fun-filled and relaxing vacation where everyone is happy! A yacht charter may be ideal for family bonding and exploring the Mediterranean or the Caribbean! It is also an amazing option for groups of friends who are looking to explore these areas, find remote beaches and snorkel through different marine species, specific to each destination! 

Where can I rent a yacht?

Nautal charter yachts all around the world with many options available depending on your preferred destination, type of yacht and what you would like to explore!
In Europe, there are many luxury yacht charters in many destinations. You may want to explore the beautiful scenery on the Italian Amalfi Coast and stop by the town Sorrento which is known for its coastal walks and Limoncello! Or for our cuisine lovers, why not explore the French Riviera and stop by Nice´s flavourful Cours Saleya market! This market is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays and fills the square with amazing scents of the fruit, vegetables and flowers sold at the stalls. 

In the Americas, we also offer a large selection of yacht charters in destinations such as Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, Cancun in Mexico and the Bahamas. There are endless possibilities if you choose to charter a yacht for a week or longer to explore different islands or even different areas within the same one! 

If you end up in Puerto Rico we recommend checking out the Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay at night. The waters emit a blue glow from the dinoflagellates organisms that live there which would be a beautiful way to end a day out in the water! 

Instead, if you are in the Bahamas it is worth noting that there are around 365 cays as well as breathtaking views such as Tropic of Cancer Beach! If you are going to the Bahamas you may want to stop at Freeport in Grand Bahama and Shop at Port Lucaya Marketplace! This is a shoppers paradise with an open-air facility and white sandy beaches within walking distance for everyone to enjoy.

What are the most popular brands for a yacht charter?

Nautal´s boat owners offer a range of different yacht brands and models to rent. The three well-known yacht brands Nautal offers are Jeanneau, Beneteau and Bavaria. Moreover, other brands include Silverton, Mangusta, Pershing, Baglietto and more!
It is important to note however that most yachts are chosen for their quality and high spec conditions which make them so unique.
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