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What should I consider when chartering a yacht?
Most 25 meter (82 ft) yachts are chartered on a weekly basis. Shorter private charters are only available in last minute bookings, or for smaller yachts that do offer daily charter rates. Most yachts are chartered with a captain and crew, who take care of every detail to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.
How much does a yacht rental cost?
A one-day small yacht charter can cost anything from $1500 a day. From that price on, there is practically no limit. Over 50 meter (165 ft) megayachts can cost $500,000 or more per week. The price of yachts is based on their length, manufacturer and the year they were built, among other things.
Where to rent a yacht?
We charter yachts all around the world with many options available on the Amalfi Coast, Costa Azul, Porto Cervo and beautiful Ibiza. You can also charter a yacht in the Caribbean, Croatia or Greece. You can spend your vacation on a yacht, celebrate your birthday, organize a party, etc. Contact us!
What does a yacht charter rate include and what additional fees can I expect to pay?
For one-week megayacht charters the price is usually given without Taxes. Taxes range significantly by destination and particularly vary if more than one country is visited. As well as the base price and taxes, you will need to pay for an estimated running of expenses paid by an Advance Provisioning Allowance, or APA. Expenses include fuel (the largest cost in yacht rentals), food and beverages, port fees, etc. APA typically accounts for between 25% and 35% of the charter price, and with it, the captain will pay all holiday expenses. Whatever is not used will be returned to the customer after the charter. Finally, you will need to consider the tip for the crew, which is a percentage of the rental price, approximately 10% in Europe and 15% in the US. This is highly recommended since a professional and trained crew has a direct impact on the success of the holidays.
Do I need a license to charter a yacht?
If you want to be the one who sails the yacht, you will need the Yachtmaster Ocean license or another, depending on the country. Howeverm if you want to sail in luxury and comfort you can charter the yacht with a captain and crew. On our platform, over 15 meter (50 ft) yachts are only chartered with a captain, except for some located in Croatia. This is because the risk of damage for the owner is very high, the yachts are very expensive and often during the high season they cannot get repaired easily without an advanced booking.

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