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1,100 - $22,350+
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2004 - 2025
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+100 motor yachts available

Baglietto - Navetta | 1 person (22.5m)

Bocca di Magra
With a skipper
 5  · Private · Super owner

From $2,235 per day

Azimut - Fly 53 | 10 people (17m)

With a skipper
 4  · Super owner

From $2,794 per day

Special offer

KRITER - a sailing legend | 16 people (21.03m)

Porto Corallo
With a skipper
 1  · Private · Super owner

From $830 per day

TE Etudes de carene - Gallian 17 | 10 people (16.5m)

With a skipper

From $2,459 per day

Gianetti - 48 HT | 12 people (15m)

With a skipper
 9  · Super owner

From $3,353 per day

Della Pasqua - Dc 16 | 12 people (16m)

With a skipper

From $2,235 per day

Rizzardi - Technema 90 | 12 people (28m)

With a skipper
Super owner

From $14,903 per day

Aicon - 82 | 1 person (26m)

With a skipper

From $5,577 per day

San Lorenzo - 22 | 12 people (22m)

Porto Venere
With a skipper
 9  · Super owner

From $3,018 per day

Tornado - Tornado 50s | 12 people (16.2m)

With a skipper
 8  · Super owner

From $2,235 per day

SUNSEEKER - PREDATOR 75 | 16 people (23m)

With a skipper

From $3,453 per day

Maiora 20s - "Angelo Blu" | 12 people (22.5m)

With a skipper
Super owner

From $5,365 per day

Aicon Yachts SPA - 72 HT SL | 10 people (22.45m)

Capo d'Orlando Marina
With a skipper

From $5,454 per day

MOCHI CRAFT - 57 open HT | 10 people (18m)

Porto Cervo
With a skipper
 33  · Super owner

From $1,916 per day

Alalunga - 78 Fly | 12 people (23.8m)

Castellammare di Stabia
With a skipper
Super owner

From $3,727 per day

Special offer

Princess - V65 | 12 people (19m)

With a skipper

From $3,129 per day

Princess - V65 | 12 people (20m)

With a skipper
 2  · Private · Super owner

From $3,576 per day

Evo Marine - Deauville Flybridge | 8 people (23m)

With a skipper

From $4,359 per day

Yacht rental in Italy with Nautal

Italy is a renowned travel destination that is almost better seen from the water onboard a private yacht rental. With sandy beaches and azure waters stretching as far as the eye can see, renting a motor yacht in Italy offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in the ultimate charter experience. Renting a yacht in Italy not only grants you access to breathtaking landscapes and adventures but also adds an element of luxury to your vacation. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey along the stunning Italian shores.

Set your course towards the magnificent Aeolian Islands, a volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Or explore the pristine beaches or Sardinia and Sicily. Imagine cruising along the Amalfi Coast, with its dramatic cliffs, picturesque villages, and hidden coves. Or perhaps you're drawn to the timeless charm of the Italian Riviera, with its glamorous ports and vibrant atmosphere.

At Nautal, we connect you with local yacht boat owners in Italy, which allows you to explore its beauty from a local’s point of view. Treat yourself to the luxury and excitement that a yacht charter brings, creating lifelong memories amidst the unparalleled beauty of Italy's coastal treasures! Get ready to be immersed in the charm of the Italian coast on a yacht charter vacation!

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Italy?

The cost of a yacht rental will depend on the time of year, the location, the size of the boat, and more. The price of yacht charters in Italy during the low season can start from $1,110 per day and $13,974 per week. During high season, rentals can cost $2,995 or more per day or $10,606 or more per week. For a luxury yacht charter in Italy, you will be looking to spend even more, with prices often starting at around $24,830.

There may be additional fees not included in the final price, such as fuel or skipper fees. However, some boat owners might include some fees in the price, such as for food and drinks or sports equipment. You can reach out to the boat owner directly through our messaging system to inquire about what is included in the price.

When is the best time to go?

The best time to go depends on your preferences and the experiences you seek. Generally, the peak season for yacht rentals in Italy falls between May and September, when the weather is warmest and the winds are the calmest. The peak season is from June to August when the temperature is also the hottest. In addition to good sailing conditions during this time, there are also various festivals and cultural events that take place. From lively beach parties to cultural celebrations, the summer months offer a lively and bustling atmosphere that adds an extra layer of excitement to your yacht rental experience.

It's important to note that the ideal time to visit Italy for a yacht rental may vary depending on the specific location you wish to explore. For instance, if you're planning to navigate the picturesque Amalfi Coast, the months of May, June, and September often provide a perfect balance between favorable weather and fewer crowds. In contrast, if you're visiting the islands of Sardinia or Sicily, July, and August are typically the best months, as they offer sun-drenched days and a lively atmosphere.

Where to sail to in Italy

Italy offers so many enchanting destinations to explore during your yacht rental adventure. From charming coastal towns to secluded island retreats, there's something for everyone. With so many incredible options, the choice is yours to create an itinerary that caters to your desires and unveils the best of Italy's coastal wonders.

  • Amalfi Coast: The Amalfi Coast is famous for its breathtaking beauty, with its dramatic cliffs, picturesque villages, and stunning coastal vistas. From the iconic town of Positano, with its pastel-colored houses clinging to the cliffs, to the historic town of Amalfi, with its medieval architecture and enchanting atmosphere, the Amalfi Coast is a destination that is known to capture the hearts of visitors.
  • Italian Riviera: Indulge in the glamour of Portofino, a picturesque fishing village known for its luxury yachts and chic boutiques. One of the most famous stops is Cinque Terre, a chain of five cities built on the coastal cliffs. And you must experience the coastal elegance of Santa Margherita Ligure with its palm-lined promenade and lively atmosphere.
  • Sardinia: Set sail to the Costa Smeralda, renowned for its pristine beaches and exclusive resorts. Explore the breathtaking La Maddalena Archipelago, a group of islands with crystal-clear waters and hidden bays waiting to be discovered.
  • Sicily: Visit the picturesque Aeolian Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea, where you can hike volcanoes, relax on beautiful beaches, and savor delicious seafood. Explore the ancient city of Taormina, perched on a hilltop with stunning views of the sea. Dive into the rich history of Syracuse, known for its ancient Greek ruins and charming old town.
  • Tuscan Archipelago: Discover the natural beauty of Elba Island, with its crystal-clear waters and rugged coastline. Or visit Giglio Island, known for its picturesque harbor and scenic hiking trails.
  • Puglia: Immerse yourself in the coastal beauty of Polignano a Mare, famous for its dramatic cliffside location and crystal-clear waters. Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Gallipoli, a historic town surrounded by beautiful beaches. Explore the charming town of Otranto and its medieval castle.

The harbors in Italy

Depending on where you plan to visit on your vacation, the best marinas and ports for you will differ. Some of Italy’s best yacht marinas include:

  • Port of Giardini Naxos
  • Porto Dell’Etna
  • Marina Genova
  • Porto di Cannigione
  • Vulcano Porto Di Levante
  • Marina di Asfodeli

How to get to the harbors

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world and therefore has a large number of international airports. Many airports also have public transport which will allow you to easily reach your private yacht charter in Italy.

Some of the best-connected airports are:

  • Peretola Airport (FLR)
  • Galileo Galilei Airport (PSA)
  • Naples International Airport (NAP)
  • Catania-Fontanarossa Airport (CTA)
  • Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (OLB)

To get to any of the islands in the south of Italy, there is the possibility of also arriving at places such as Naples and taking a ferry or simply renting your yacht from there and starting your journey early.

What can you see/do

  • Enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean.
  • Explore charming coastal towns and immerse yourself in the local culture.
  • Indulge in delicious Italian cuisine, from fresh seafood to mouthwatering pasta dishes.
  • Embark on scenic hikes along coastal trails, offering breathtaking views of the sea.
  • Dive or snorkel to discover the vibrant marine life and underwater treasures.
  • Experience the vibrant nightlife in popular coastal destinations.
  • Discover hidden coves and secluded beaches accessible only by yacht.
  • Engage in wine tastings and vineyard tours, exploring Italy's renowned wine regions.

Rent with or without a skipper

While most yachts come with a skipper, there is a limited number available for those who prefer to take full control of their sailing experience. To secure a yacht without a skipper, it's advisable to book early to ensure availability. If you're considering a bareboat charter in Italy, it's important to hold the appropriate boating license to navigate the yacht. If you're unsure, it's recommended to check with the boat owner for clarification.

For the ultimate luxury yacht charter in Italy, we recommend a crewed charter. Whether you choose a skippered yacht charter or one with a full crew, you can take in your Italian yacht charter by island hopping and enjoying refreshing swims in the beautiful waters. A crewed charter typically includes a skilled chef who can help make your vacation truly feel relaxing with handcrafted meals and drinks.

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