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Discover Salou by boat

Welcome to the enchanting world of Salou, where azure waters meet the vibrant coastline, offering a captivating backdrop for an unforgettable adventure. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Salou by renting a boat - the perfect way to elevate your travel experience. Whether you're seeking tranquillity or excitement, renting a boat in Salou opens up a world of possibilities. Embark on a journey like no other, exploring hidden coves, pristine beaches, and iconic landmarks. By renting a boat in Salou, you unlock the door to a unique and exciting adventure, discovering the charm of this Mediterranean gem.

Have you ever dreamt of cruising along the stunning Salou coastline, with the wind in your hair and sun kissed skin? Now's your chance! Renting a boat in Salou provides the freedom to chart your own course and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a first-time adventurer, Salou's waters offer a diverse range of experiences. From lively water sports to serene sunset cruises, the possibilities are endless.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Salou?

There are many factors that affect the cost of boat hire in Salou, here are some of the factors that you should take into consideration:

  • Season: Summer and autumn are when boat rental prices will be highest. There is lower demand in winter and spring.
  • Duration: Day rentals are perfect for a quick getaway or exploring Salou's coastline in a single day. Longer rentals will be more expensive, and prices will depend in tandem with the other factors on this list.
  • Port or marina rented from: Different ports and marinas in Salou may have varying pricing structures based on their amenities, popularity, and location. Some may offer additional services, impacting overall costs.

What is included in the cost?

When you embark on a boat hire in Salou, it's crucial to understand what's included in the cost to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. The rental fee typically covers the basic essentials, such as the boat itself and its maintenance. However, to enhance your maritime adventure, you may choose from a variety of extras. These can include:

  • Fuel: Some boat rentals in Salou may include the cost of fuel in the overall price, while others might require you to cover fuel expenses separately.
  • Skipper and Crew: Depending on your preference, you can opt for a rental with or without a skipper. Crew services might also be available, adding an extra layer of convenience to your journey.
  • Water Sports Equipment: For the thrill-seekers, inquire about the availability of water sports equipment such as snorkelling gear, paddleboards, or even jet skis to add an extra dimension to your adventure.

If you have any specific queries or require more detailed information about inclusions, don't hesitate to reach out to the boat owner directly.

What is the price to rent a boat for a day?

Here are some average prices for boat rental in Salou for a day:

  • Motorboat: From £64 per day
  • RIB: From £57 per day
  • Jet ski: From £71 per day
  • Houseboat: From £97 per day
  • Motor yacht: From £796 per day
  • Sailboat: From £111 per day
  • Catamaran: From £139 per day
  • Gulet: From £265 per day
  • Sailing yacht: From £822 per day

What is the price to rent a boat for a weekend?

Here are some average prices for boat rental in Salou for a weekend:

  • Motorboat: From £192 per weekend
  • RIB: From £171 per weekend
  • Jet ski: From £213 per weekend
  • Houseboat: From £291 per weekend
  • Motor yacht: From £2,388 per weekend
  • Sailboat: From £333 per weekend
  • Catamaran: From £417 per weekend
  • Gulet: From £795 per weekend
  • Sailing yacht: From £2,466 per weekend

What is the price to rent a boat for a week?

Here are some average prices for boat rental in Salou for a week:

  • Motorboat: From £448 per week
  • RIB: From £399 per week
  • Jet ski: From £497 per week
  • Houseboat: From £679 per week
  • Motor yacht: From £5,572 per week
  • Sailboat: From £777 per week
  • Catamaran: From £973 per week
  • Gulet: From £1,855 per week
  • Sailing yacht: From £5,754 per week

How much are mooring fees in Salou?

The region offers various mooring options, including marinas and ports, each with its own charm. Mooring fees can vary depending on the facilities and services provided. Ensure you have a comprehensive overview of the mooring options available, on average, mooring fees in Salou can vary from £10 to £100 depending on the marina.

What season is the best to rent a boat in Salou?

Salou's enchanting waters beckon adventurers year-round, each season offering a unique charm. Understanding the nuances of each season will help you plan the perfect boat rental experience.


Mild temperatures, calm seas, and blossoming nature make spring ideal. Wind speeds are generally gentle, providing pleasant sailing conditions.


Much warmer temperatures and abundant sunshine characterize Salou summers.


Water temperatures are gradually cooling; still suitable for water activities.

Ultimately, the best time to rent a boat in Salou depends on your preferences. Summer offers vibrant energy, while spring and autumn provide a more serene experience.

Where to charter a boat in Salou?

Salou boasts a selection of premier ports and marinas, each offering a unique atmosphere and amenities. Here are some notable locations where you can charter a boat:

PortAventura Marina

Restaurants, shops, and proximity to PortAventura theme park.

Salou Nautic Club

Sailing school, water sports, and waterfront dining options.

Cambrils Marina

Well-equipped marina with a range of services.

Cap Salou Marin

 Tranquil setting, ideal for a relaxing sailing experience.

Tarragona Marina

Historic surroundings, close to Tarragona's cultural attractions.

Where to sail in Salou?

Salou's coastline is a sailor's paradise, adorned with stunning destinations. Explore these ten captivating locations:

  • Playa de Levante: A bustling beach with a lively atmosphere.
  • Cala Crancs: Secluded cove surrounded by cliffs, perfect for tranquillity.
  • Cala Font: Crystal-clear waters and underwater caves for snorkelling.
  • Delta de l'Ebre: A river delta with diverse wildlife and natural beauty.
  • Playa Llarga: A long sandy beach with calm waters.
  • Isla de Porquerolles: A scenic island offering peaceful anchorages.
  • Cala de la Vinya: Hidden gem with turquoise waters and rocky cliffs.
  • Roda de Barà: Historical coastal town with a charming marina.
  • Cala Jovera: Serene cove surrounded by lush greenery.
  • Port de Coma-ruga: Bustling port town with a vibrant atmosphere.

What is the capacity of boats in Salou?

Explore Salou's waters with boats suited to your group size. Here are capacity details for various boat types:

  • Motorboat: 2 to 12 passengers.
  • RIB: 4 to 12 passengers.
  • Jet Ski: 1 to 3 riders.
  • Houseboat: 4 to 10 passengers.
  • Motor Yacht: 6 to 20 passengers.
  • Sailboat: 2 to 12 passengers.
  • Catamaran: 8 to 20 passengers.
  • Sailing Yacht: 4 to 10 passengers.

Average cabin numbers vary; contact owners for specific details tailored to your group.

Renting a boat with or without a skipper?

Renting a boat is with a skipper is ideal for experienced sailors or those seeking the thrill of navigating the open seas independently. It provides you with a carefree experience, letting a skilled skipper handle navigation and share local insights. Some rentals offer a compromise, starting with a skipper and allowing you to take over gradually. Your Salou boat rental experience is tailored to your preferences, ensuring a memorable journey on the captivating Mediterranean waters.


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