Get to know Nautal

About Nautal

Nautal is a boat hire platform, which offers thousands of boats to rent all over the world.

How it all started

Nautal was founded in June 2013 in Barcelona, when the sharing economy was in its prime. The founders realised there were thousands of unused boats moored in packed ports and harbours and so they decided to find a way to connect owners and charter companies with international sailors through a platform that is both safe and easy to use. Since July 2020, Nautal has been a part of Click&Boat, the world’s leading boat rental group.

Easy, affordable, and safe

The process of advertising and/or requesting a boat is simple and free. Boat owners can customise their listings with photos, a description, a calendar, seasonal pricing, onboard services, and a variety of other features. Furthermore, all of Nautal’s owners have insurance that covers the rental of the boat. Sailors have the opportunity to adjust the filters to refine their selection, which can help them find a boat that suits all of their needs. A few of the filters include the dates, location, type of boat, number of passengers, and whether or not they want to rent with a skipper. By getting the relevant results, they can then contact the owners and maybe even hire some boats straight away. You too can get on board!

More than 1,100,000 members of the Nautal community

Over 50,000 boats at your disposal

Over 750 to sail from

More than 147101 client reviews