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9 motor yachts available

MS - San Spirito Brand New | 36 people (41.4m)

With a skipper
Super owner

From €8,857 per day

Azimut - Azimut 66 | 8 people (20.8m)

With a skipper

From €5,085 per day

JEANNEAU - Prestige 590 Fly | 7 people (18.7m)

With a skipper

From €2,229 per day


With a skipper

From €15,986 per day

MS - Splendid Budgeted | 38 people (38.5m)

With a skipper
Super owner

From €5,833 per day

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Posillipo - Technema 58 | 8 people (16.5m)

With a skipper
 3  · Super owner

From €750 per day

Custom made yacht - Tourist charter yacht | 22 people (22m)

With a skipper
Private · Super owner

From €2,695 per day

Azimut - Azimut 55 | 12 people (17m)

With a skipper

From €2,000 per day

Riva - 85 | 8 people (26.02m)

Baška Voda
With a skipper

From €5,327 per day

All about Yacht Rentals in Dubrovnik

The Irish writer George Bernard Shaw once said, “If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik.” Recognised as a World Heritage Site for culture by UNESCO in 1979, Dubrovnik has since been a magnet for travellers. Yacht rentals in Dubrovnik are so popular due to its glamorous beaches and incredibly rich culture. After all, this Eastern European city is considered the culture centre of Croatia. Cruising the glistening Adriatic coastline and island hopping with your loved ones, while you try delicious Dalmatian dishes and taste the local wines from family-run vineyards, is the perfect way to spend your summer yacht charter. 

Ports and Harbors in Dubrovnik

Port of Dubrovnik is the main base of our yacht rentals in Dubrovnik. This port is used by all types of boats, from small vessels to large cruise ships, and has everything you might need for your yacht charter.

Climate and Sailing Conditions in Dubrovnik

The mediterranean climate here is fitting for a sailing holiday from April to October with pleasant, sunny spring days and summer’s heat maintaining an average sea temperature of 22°C. 
In general, the wind blows in a NW direction at approximately 5 - 20 knots. In the afternoons, it can sometimes pick up to 25 knots. 

Itinerary Ideas for Dubrovnik

There are countless ideas and possibilities for your yacht charter itinerary in Dubrovnik. With so many islands within reach, on top of the secluded coves and blissful beaches on the mainland coastline, we’ll let you decide where to sail and give you the low-down on Dubrovnik instead.
If you are a foodie, devour dishes of famed black risotto and scrumptious seafood. The creamy vegetable soups on offer are also worth a taste or two. The multitude of bars, cafes and restaurants here are bound to tickle your taste buds. If you’re partial to a glass of wine, visit a local vineyard and taste the esteemed Croatian wines produced by family-run businesses. 
Architecture fans should look no further than the city walls (almost 2 km of them) and the Franciscan monastery, where you can view one of Europe’s oldest pharmacies from 1317. Orlando’s Column and the Prince’s Palace are also notable architecture attractions. 
Every summer, Lovrijenac Fortress hosts performing art festivals, enjoyed by both visitors and locals. 
To finalise Dubrovnik’s CV, TV series Game of Thrones fans from all over visit Dubrovnik to see the famous coastal film set.
If you want to discover more about Croatia northern region, then it's better for you to rent a yacht in Istria and start your peacuful cruise from there. You will visit historically improtant cities while enjoying the most exclusive relax.

Travel Tips for Dubrovnik

The good news is that Dubrovnik has its own airport (DBV) just 20 km from the city centre. The bad news is that there is notoriously no train station! The double good news though, is that there are bus shuttles operated by Atlas and also taxi services available. Happy days!

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