All about Catamaran Rentals in Greece

When you choose catamaran rental in Greece for a week, you'll be able to visit some truly spectacular islands. If you're a beach lover, don't miss the perfect white sand of Skiathos, where you can spend a whole day relaxing and soaking up the Mediterranean atmosphere. Want to party? The nightlife in Mykonos can't be beaten. There's a reason why this island has developed a reputation as a top destination around Europe, so if you're looking for a good time, make sure to add it to your itinerary.

Lie back on the net of your catamaran as you dangle over the mediterranean, Aegean or Ionian Sea (or all three if your feeling adventurous!). Catamaran rentals in Greece are perfect with their multihull structure for stronger summer winds, but also for spacious accomodation on board and on deck. Tailor your catamaran charter to suit you and your sailing crew and sail away to your chosen paradises! Athens is of course a brilliant starting location and gives you the opportunity to absorb some Grecian atmosphere before setting sail!

How much does it cost to rent a Catamaran in Greece?

Factors that can influence the price: type of boat, length, age, capacity, season, duration of charter, with or without a skipper, extras, etc.

1 day: from $ 661 in low season and $ 1,202 in high season
1 week: from $ 2,000 in low season and from $ 3,900 in high season
With a skipper: from $ 200 per day

Catamaran Rental Areas in Greece

Good news! Catamaran rentals in Greece are based from head to toe! 

- Our marina bases for catamarans in Athens:

  • Marina Kalamaki
  • Agios Kosmas Marina

- On the eastern coast near Athens, you can also hire a catamaran in Lavrio.

- Other mainland locations include:

  • Northern Greece - Macedonia
  • West Greece - Preveza

We also rent catamarans in the Cyclades, Dodecanese and Ionian Islands.

Worried about mooring fees?

In Greece, you rarely need to pay costly mooring fees in comparison to other European sailing areas. Sometimes mooring fees are implied by local authorities; however, they are usually no more than approx. €20.

Climate and Sailing Conditions in Greece

Late spring to early autumn gives you a wide window for choosing when to hire your catamaran in Greece. By Maytime, daytime temperatures have generally peaked 20°C and by summertime they sizzle at 30°C! We advise that wherever you go, you research the meltemi wind force as the sailing areas in Greece can vary.

Itinerary Ideas for Greece

Your itinerary is obviously entirely up to you. Athens and Lavrio are central catamaran rental locations which are perfect for soaking up the ancient Greek atmosphere in Athens (and perhaps living the quirky nightlife, too!) and also within easy reach of heavenly islands dotted around the coast. The Cyclades are reachable to the south-east. In Athens, you can find plenty of edgy bars, restaurants and vibrant clubs and discos. Island life can follow suit if you choose metropolitan island towns or instead cruise to quieter corners of Greek islands and bathe in serene cerulean sea. 

Travel Tips for Greece

We have linked the closest airports to our boat rental locations for you below.

Greek Historical Sites Worth Seeing

For many people who choose a catamaran charter in Greece, the entire country is evocative of a unique era in history. If you're fascinated by the ancient world, then you can't miss Ithaca, the island where the ancient ruins of Odysseus' palace can still be seen today. Not everyone on board likes history? No problem. Ithaca also boasts some seriously great beaches. Crete is another unmissable destination if you're a mythology buff, as it's said to be the birthplace of Zeus. Here you can see the palace of Knossos, and if you'd rather get off the beaten track, go for a trek in Samariá Gorge, where you can get to know the local wild goats.

Greek Dishes to Sample

There's more to Greek food than moussaka. Of course, you'll have to tuck into plenty of kalamata olives while you're here, and you'll find that Greek olive oil is an essential ingredient in many of the local dishes. Try dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) or dips like taramasalata and tzatziki. Don't miss out on the delicious seafood, like fried octopus and fresh Mediterranean fish, and wash it all down with a glass of ouzo.
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Price depends on dates and duration of a charter Add dates for prices
Price depends on dates and duration of a charter Add dates for prices
Price depends on dates and duration of a charter Add dates for prices
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