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Catamaran rentals in Athens

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All about Catamaran Rentals in Athens

Absorb the vitamins and minerals of the summer sun and the Mediterranean Sea as you snorkel, swim and sunbathe on your Grecian holiday. Catamaran rentals in Athens are convenient for those who wish to lounge on the spacious sundeck as they take a break from the sightseeing, or those who wish to occupy the sundeck with party people! The nearby Saronic Islands are a great sailing destination for your route, or you can venture even further out to other parts of Greece—the beauty of renting your own exclusive catamaran!

Catamaran Rental Areas in Athens

Most of our catamaran rentals are based in Marina Kamaki; however, we also have catamarans in Agios Kosmas Marina.

Cuisine and Cocktails in Athens

Gins fans, the search is over. The Gin Joint is all you need to feel at home in Athens, with over 100 varieties of gin and wonderfully inventive cocktails. 

360 Cocktail Bar has a lovely garden terrace where you can sip a cocktail or a glass of wine as you marvel at the Acropolis in all its glory in the distance. 

The Clumsies is also a lovely cocktail bar with magnificent decor and ambience.

Tradition Greek restaurants that we recommend: Tzitzikas Kai Mermigas and The Karamanlidika Fanis. Here, you can eat yummy Greek food such as seafood dishes, meat and cheese platters, pasta dishes and fresh salads.

Itinerary Ideas for Athens

Allow us to list the most iconic and our favourite attractions in Athens.

On the top of our list, the Acropolis and Parthenon are Athens’ top and most ancient attractions.

Other monumental temples and buildings are the Temple of Olympian Zeus or the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. You can also pay a visit to a museum such as the Benaki Museum, the Byzantine and Christian Museum and the Museum of Islamic Art.

Remember also that the marvellous Cyclades Islands are a great place to rent the perfect catamaran! One of the most famous destination for thos who rent a catamaran in Athens!

Travel Tips for Athens

Athens has an airport just 33 km away from Marina Kalamaki: Athens International Airport (ATH). You can get the bus into town, or alternatively take a taxi straight to the marina. 

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