Boat Rentals in the Saronic Gulf

A boat rental in the Saronic Gulf will allow you to can witness ancient Athens, including the world-famous Acropolis. You can also seize the opportunity to go wake-boarding, paragliding or water skiing in stunning Poros. Not to mention exploring the coastline of Spetses by scooter, tasting the best seafood in traditional tavernas and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of countless secluded bays.


The main ports where you can rent a boat in the Saronic Gulf are as follows; Athens, Perdika, Epidavros, Hydra, Spetses, Poros and Agistri. These are also great places to stop and moore during your sailing adventure.

Weather and Sailing Conditions in the Saronic Gulf

Sailboat rentals in the Saronic Gulf are a popular choice, with or without a skipper. This is because the Saronic Gulf is particularly sheltered from the wind, ensuring an easy and comfortable trip on your sailboat even when the meltemi winds are blowing in the Aegean Sea. This is especially important when there are children on board.

Itinerary Ideas for the Saronic Gulf

 Start your sailing trip around the Saronic Islands in one of the world’s oldest named cities, Athens. From there you can reach the interesting island of Aegina and the small islet of Moni. Here you will experience the most beautiful clear waters the eye has ever seen. There are no inhabitants here apart from animals such as peacocks, deer and wild goats.

The next island is Agistri. It has an exotic feel with turquoise waters and lots of greenery. From Agistri you can visit the mainland and the ancient theatre of Epivadros and even go and view a performance. Further South is Poros, with sandy beaches and a picturesque small town built over 2 hills. Even more South is Hydra island, a must for a more cosmopolitan feel, interesting architecture and many small coves for swimming.  All vehicles are prohibited on this island so if you want to explore inland then you can do so by donkey.

The isolated island of Dokos is the ideal place to get away from everything and relax, you can also find one of the oldest shipwrecks in the world here. TheSpetses and Spetsopoulas are also worth a visit and have many beautiful anchorages for swimming and snorkelling, with the typical greek whitewashed houses and authentic atmosphere. Next you might want to explore the Argosaronic Gulf, a name used to combine the adjacent Saronic Gulf and Argolic Gulf of Greece!

Travel Tips for the Saronic Gulf

Travelling to the Sarconic Gulf is simple as you can fly directly to Athen’s airport with most major airlines. The port of Athens is also the perfect place to start your adventure, or transfer to the port where you will collect your boat.

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