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The twelve Ionian Islands lie off the west coast of Greece and range in size, features and attractions. Though all enticing in their own exotic manner, the beauty of a boat rental in the Ionian Islands means you can explore whichever island you desire and even access secluded bays, coves and beaches unavailable to those on land. Sample the finest Greek menus in small coastal towns and explore the underwater world in the pleasantly warm and glistening Ionian Sea.

Sailing Areas in the Ionian Islands

Our boat rentals are based on the islands Lefkas (Lefkada), Corfu and also Kefalonia. We also rent boats on the west coast of Greece, meaning you can start your boat rental on mainland and sail the islands. Here, is a list of our boat rental locations.

West coast of Greece - Port of Kyllini, Preveza Marina, Palairos Marina

Lefkas - Port of Lefkas (also known as Port of Lefkada), Vasiliki Marina

Corfu - Gouvia Marina, Kerkira Marina

Kefalonia - Sami Port

Sailboat rentals are available in all of these locations (assuming they are available and not already booked) and our catamaran rentals are most popular on the islands Lekfas and Corfu, although available in other locations, as well.

Climate and Sailing Conditions in the Ionian Islands

The prevailing wind in the area blows from the northwest to the west north-west from June to September. Luckily, the force is nowhere near as strong as other parts of Greece, such as the Cyclades Islands, and generally ranges from force 2 to 5. Ideal for some summer sailing! Occasionally in the mornings, there is an airy breeze blowing in an easterly to south-easterly direction. However, it seldom peaks force 1 to 2. 

In July and August, a slightly stronger wind known as the maistro can pick up, prevailing from a north to north-westerly direction. 
Summer temperatures reach the thirties and luckily, this region sees little rain in the high season. 

Itinerary Ideas for the Ionian Islands

There are a variety of options for your itinerary and route in the Ionian Islands, so here are a few things we think make the Ionian Islands stand out, and perhaps somewhere you might like to inspect on your boat charter.

Myrtos Beach is the perfect example of a paradisiac beach in Kefalonia, and a favourite among both locals and visitors. There is little access from the roads, so with a boat rental in the Ionian Islands, you are at an extreme advantage in terms of access, not just comfort! 

Visit the Museum of Asian Art to see unique displays of Japanese, Chinese and Indian art amongst others. The only Asian art museum in Greece and a top attraction if you happen to be spending some time in Corfu town.

If you enjoy observing ancient architecture or gaining some historical insight, there are two fortresses in the Ionian Islands that we would like to recommend. On the small and quaint island of Kythira, the fortress Kastro is an impressive 14th century structure, now slightly weathered and overgrown with wild flowers and shrubbery—even more reason to appreciate this beautifully timeworn fortress. The other fortress is the Palaio Frourio in the town of Corfu. Also a 14th century build, this fortress has a bridge enabling you to cross the seawater moat and shares territory with a lighthouse, worth climbing up for the breathtaking views. 

Travel Tips for the Ionian Islands

Corfu and Kefalonia both have their own island airports, making your starting destination easy peasy to reach! 

On the west coast of Greece, Araxos Airport (GPA) in Patras is close to Kyllini.

Aktion Airport (PVK) is exceptionally close to Preveza at 8 km and Palairos a little further at 28 km. You can also reach Lefkada (Lefkas) island from this airport (Lefkada island has a bridge to mainland) at a similar distance to Palairos. 

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