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NautikHus - Namitz - HNS | 4 people (10m)

Without a skipper

From $319 per day

Mein Hausboot - waterhouse HB05/11,5/4,5C | 4 people (11.5m)

Without a skipper
 2  · Super owner

From $278 per day

Custom - Tenderboot | 20 people (8m)

With a skipper
 8  · Super owner

From $1 per day

Bayliner - Vr5 | 6 people (6.23m)

With or without a skipper
 3  · Private · Super owner

From $756 per day

Friederike - Pilkenroth | 6 people (13m)

Without a skipper
 4  · Private

From $243 per day

Valkkruiser - 1200 Content | 6 people (12.6m)

Without a skipper

From $950 per day

Bayliner - E6 | 8 people (6m)

With or without a skipper
 3  · Super owner

From $378 per day

Custom - Flipper 600 SC | 6 people (6.05m)

With or without a skipper
 11  · Super owner

From $373 per day

Special offer

Gruno - Hollandia 1100 Classic | 6 people (11.32m)

With or without a skipper
 7  · Super owner

From $138 per day

Special offer

La Mare - La Mare- Apart M | 4 people (9m)

Without a skipper

From $217 per day

Elektroboot - Tender | 12 people (7.2m)

Without a skipper

From $409 per day

Örnvik - Cabin 490 | 4 people (4.9m)

Without a skipper
 9  · Private · Super owner

From $205 per day

Special offer

Gruno - 37 Subliem Classic | 6 people (11.55m)

With or without a skipper
 5  · Super owner

From $138 per day

Platinum - 989 Flybridge | 6 people (10m)

Without a skipper

From $245 per day

Custom - Viking 750 Sedan | 2 people (7.5m)

Mecklenburgische Seenplatte
Without a skipper

From $107 per day

Festlieger, - nicht fahrbar | 4 people (8.9m)

Bad Saarow
Without a skipper

From $189 per day

La Mare - Apart M | 6 people (9m)

Without a skipper

From $217 per day

La Mare - Apart LL | 6 people (12m)

Without a skipper

From $344 per day

Boat Rentals in Germany

Germany is one of Europe’s largest countries and boasts a wide variety of landscapes. When visiting this country you can expect to experience tall, sheer mountains in the south and sandy rolling plains in the north. Boat rentals in Germany are probably more popular than you imagined, due to the huge German sailing and boating community within the inland waters and along the coastline. 

There is an abundance of facilities for sailing and leisure boating along the Baltic Sea (Ostsee), North Sea (Nordsee) coastlines of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein and on the many lakes and rivers dotted around the country which makes it the perfect destination for your next sailing adventure!

You can find boats available to rent with or without a skipper in Germany on the Nautal website. Search for sailboats, motorboats, houseboats and yachts in Germany and the rest of the world. Flexible cancellation or date changes up to 15 days before check-in is possible with selected boats.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Germany?

The cost of renting a boat in Germany varies greatly depending on a number of different factors including the length of the trip, the number of people, the season and the type of boat.  Below is a list of prices based on boat type.

To rent a licence free boat in Germany, you can expect to pay around $954 per week in high season, and $667 per week in low season.

Houseboat prices start at $642 per week.

For RIB hire, you will pay around $1711 a week in high season but only $1527 per week in low season.

You will pay around $330 a day and $978 a week for jet ski hire during high season, but this price drops to about $269 a day and $855 a week in low season.

To rent a motorboat, you will pay around $703 per week in high season and $641 a week in low season and for yacht hire, you will pay around $2392 per week in high season and $2057 per week in low season.

Sailing boat and gulet prices generally remain fairly consistent year round, with the former starting at about $1069 per week, and the latter at about $1158 per week.

Is it possible to rent a boat in Germany with or without a skipper? 

Yes, it is possible to rent a boat in Germany either with or without a skipper.  However, depending on which boat you pick to charter, you may need a licence to rent without a skipper, so you will need to check the legislation regarding boating licences before going.

Renting with a skipper is perfect for people who want to be guided to all the best places in the area without doing any work.  However, if you are an experienced sailor with the appropriate licence, you should definitely do a bareboat charter in Germany and be the captain of your own boat.

What is the weather like in Germany?

The majority of Germany has a temperate seasonal climate dominated by humid westerly winds. The climate is moderated by the North Atlantic Drift, the northern extension of the Gulf Stream, which most affects the areas bordering the North Sea, and causes an Oceanic climate in the northwest and the north.  Usually, though, Germany is considered to be a year round destination, with warm summers, mild winters and very little frost.  On average, there is 789 mm (31 inches) of precipitation per year and no consistent dry season, although more rain usually falls during the summer months, when temperatures also exceed 30°C (86°F)

When is the best time for boating in Germany?

This can be a difficult question to answer as it very much depends on what activities you want to participate in whilst there.  Generally speaking, you will experience the best weather from May to September but with the good weather comes the tourists and hence higher boat prices.  Some people prefer to escape the tourists and go in the shoulder months of April and October.  During these months, the weather is usually good but without the typical crowds of the summer months.

Surprisingly, winter is not a bad time to go to Germany, but in this season, people will typically rent a houseboat, as temperatures can get quite cold.  During the winter, there are plenty of seasonal activities to take part in, and you can even go to one of the many Christmas markets scattered throughout the country.  These Christmas markets are the perfect place to buy souvenirs or even gifts for your friends and family.

What to do with a boat rental in Germany?

No matter where you hire a boat in Germany, you won’t be stuck for activities to enjoy with your family, friends or your loved one if you have opted for a romantic getaway. For example, if you decide on a boat rental in Müritz, you could try and catch the Müritz Sail, one of the largest sailing regattas on Europe's inland waters

One of our favourite regions for sailing in Germany are the Brandenburg and Mecklenburg waterways. They form an intricate network of lakes and canals in an area made up of forests and farmlands which are simply beautiful. Here you can explore historic palaces, and castles and get lost as you wander around ancient towns. If you love nature then you’ll feel right at home here!

Plauer See, Fleesensee, Kölpinsee and the Müritz form the Mecklenburg Great Lakes. The Mecklenburg Lake District attracts crowds of toursists with varied excursion destinations and leisure activities. In addition to many other destinations, this includes the Müritz National Park, which borders its eastern bank. Rent a boat and discover this natural paradise of more than 320 square kilometers  (123 square miles), which has existed since 1990 and has around 100 lakes. Extensive forests make up about 70% of the area of ​​the national park.

If you rent a boat in Berlin and Brandenburg, you can easily travel to both federal states on beautiful waterways. You can captain your own boat in the area between Ketzin and Potsdam, in front of the gates of Berlin, even if you don’t have a license.  This means that in Brandenburg, many of the lakes and rivers can be discovered by anyone with a chartered houseboat. However, if you want to go to Berlin with your rented boat, you will need a boat license inland.

Unique natural phenomena await you on the Baltic Sea, such as the Wissower Klinken in the Jasmund National Park in Rügen, which you can sail around with a chartered boat. You can also take a trip to Bodden, where cranes and geese greet you in an area of untouched natural beauty. With your boat you can head for the wonderful Baltic Sea islands and port cities in northern Germany. You can even head over to Sweden or Finland if you’ve booked the boat for a long duration.

In the very south of Germany in the northern foothills of the Alps, lies the wonderful Lake Constance with a water surface of 536 km² (around 207 square miles). Once a year the International Lake Constance Week takes place around the port of Constance. During this event, there are numerous sailing regattas and rowing competitions. For four days, enthusiastic sailors and rowers compete in exciting competitions in front of a fantastic mountain backdrop.  Rent a boat and experience this event for yourself from the waterfront.

What are the best ports and sailing areas in Germany?

Regardless of the type of boat you want to rent, there are plenty of fantastic sailing areas for you to enjoy.  A few of the most best sailing areas include:

  • The North Sea
  • The Baltic Sea
  • Mecklenburg Lake District
  • Berlin
  • Havel
  • Lake Constance
  • Peene
  • Schwerin
  • Mainz

Some of the best ports to visit during your sailing vacation are:

Of course, there are many more ports and sailing areas that you can visit and we feel sure that you will find the perfect area for you to explore during your boat charter in Germany.

How to get to Germany

Of the commercial airports in Germany, over two dozen of them can be considered international airportsFrankfurt and Munich are the largest airports in Germany with tens of millions of passengers per year. The smaller airports that you may fly into are Zweibrücken Airport and Hanover Langenhagen Airport

Most mainstream airlines fly into Germany such as Lufthansa as well as trips on low-cost and charter airlines such as RyanAir, German Wings, Air Berlin, TUI, and Condor. They also often offer substantial numbers of direct flights to and from cities throughout Germany and the rest of Europe, including France, Switzerland, Spain, and London in the UK.  You can also get direct flights from Canada and the USA.

There is also a very successful program to link air travel to rail travel at certain large hub cities. Currently, high-speed InterCity trains go directly to and from the Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Cologne-Bonn and Stuttgart airports.

If you fancy taking a slightly more adventurous route, you can also get to Germany by train, bus, car and boat from many European countries.

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