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The Florida Keys is a popular location for sailing due to the multitude of sailing locations and opportunities on offer. As if this 126 mile stretch of exotic islands couldn’t be more enticing, Cuba and The Bahamas surround the Keys, adding even more to possibilities to your boat charter itinerary. Explore The Keys and its history, as well as beauty, and be at one with nature as your cruise the aqua waters and observe the sea life and coral reef below. In the whole of the United States, you can only find living coral reef in the Florida Keys!

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Marinas & Harbours in Florida Keys

Our boat rentals in the Florida Keys are based in the following ports:

Key West Harbour
Key Largo Harbor Marina
Conch Key

Our most popular boat rentals are motorboat rentals and sailboats in the Florida Keys.

Attractions in the Florida Keys

It goes without saying that this sailing destination is a tranquil oasis with plenty to explore. We know you’re expecting beautiful beaches, clear water and tropical sea life, so let us tell you some uncommon things you can see and do.

For those with a love for literature and history, visit Ernest Hemingway’s House in Key West. It is now a museum and a wonderful place to ponder his work and learn more about his life. 

If you’re not much of a bookworm but instead enjoy a good drink, visit Sloppy Joe’s, Hemingway’s local bar! Now called Captain Tony’s Saloon, Hemingway frequented this bar on Greene Street often.

Another attraction in Key West is the Southernmost Point Buoy. This buoy is a concrete buoy at the tip of Key West established in 1983, marking the end of the US and the stretch of sea to Cuba.
If you’re wondering what kinds of places you will encounter on your boat rental in Florida Keys, islands such as Bahia Honda are minimally inhabited islands surrounded by gorgeous stretches of beach and coastline. 

We also thoroughly recommend a boat charter to Dry Tortugas National Park. From Key West, it’s a 58 nautical mile sail, and a half way stop for a night at Marquesas Keys is ideal along the way. The National Park is located in the Gulf of Mexico and has 7 beautiful islands with exotic coral reef surrounding. Surround yourself with the wildlife on these remote islands or go diving and explore the underwater world. 

Climate in the Florida Keys

Sailing in the Florida Keys is a blissful activity most of the year, thanks to the tropical climate in the south. Most of the year is favourable, however July to November tends to be windier, rainer and is also known as “hurricane season” in some parts of this area. 

How to Get to the Florida Keys

You can fly to Key West International Airport (EYW) from all over the US. Direct flights include flights from Chicago, New York, Miami, Orlando and Dallas.

If you are flying from other locations in the world, you can find connections flights to locations such as Miami International Airport (MIA). Alternatively, you can fly to Miami and then get a taxi or drive to locations such as Key Largo along the Florida Keys. It takes just over an hour with approximately 57 miles’ distance. 
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