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The word is out: Croatia is the place for excellent and inexpensive boat charter services. The many ports/marinas of Croatia are known world-wide for boat charter at very reasonable prices, and there are lots of bargains to be had. Anybody aiming to sail in the Mediterranean, reasonably priced, with skipper or without, for a week or so, would be well advised to rent a boat in Croatia. There are over five thousand boats to rent, of every type and size; sailboats are very popular due to the usually perfect sailing conditions of the Adriatic sea.

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All about Boat Rentals in Croatia

Discovering Croatia by boat is by far the best way to explore this Eastern European country’s 2000 km long coastline and seeing as there are more than a thousand of them, at least attempt to visit some of its incredibly heavenly islands. From the medieval inland capital, Zagreb, to the chief seaside city, Dubrovnik, Croatia is glorious from top to bottom. Whether you choose to start your boat rental in Croatia in the coastal region of Istria and make a round-trip south and back up, or remain in island paradise throughout your boat charter, you really can’t go wrong whatever the choice. 

Sailing Areas in Croatia 

You can find all types of boat rentals in Croatia from the north to the south of Croatia. Sailboat rentals, motorboat rentals, yacht rentals, you name it, we’ve got it. The regions in which we have ports, listed from north to south, are the following:

Climate and Sailing Conditions in Croatia

The sailing season typically runs from May to September. Summer is ideally the best time to sail with you boat rental in Croatia, with peak months, July and August, reeling in sunseekers in need of vitamin D and sea air. Spring features occasional showers with temperatures varying from 22°C to 28°C and summer temperatures can peak 30°C. Spring and Autumn can be great seasons for avoiding the mass tourism and finding more seclusion and retreat, albeit with cooler temperatures. During high season, the wind is usually force 3 - 4 blowing in a north-westerly direction. 

Itinerary Ideas for you boat rental in Croatia 

The list of attractions, water sports, party places, culture stops and beach locations are endless, but allow us to give you a brief idea. 

Rent a boat in Zadar and enjoy your time ashore discovering the Roman and Venetian Ruins in the old town, as well as the incredible colossal harmonica which is played by the ocean, not to mention the solar-panelled dance floor which lights up in the evening. 

Marina Kornati, near the town of Zadar on the Dalmatian coast, is a highly popular yachting marina. Sailors are attracted by the nearby Pasman Channel which provides ideal sailing conditions with almost constant wind. Most sailboat renters pick up their chartered boat at Marina Kornati.

Also on the Dalmatian coast, Split is a popular sailing area because of its proximity to islands and lovely beaches and its perfect sailing conditions. This whole coastline is full of historical landmarks; both Romans and Venetians left their mark.Harbour hotspots such as Split are rich in culture as it only takes a short stroll around the historic centre to see that you are walking amongst the remains of an ancient palace. Renting a boat in Split gives you access to many islands closeby, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds. There are many watersport and cave tour activities available, you need only walk along the dock to find the various stalls and companies.

The Istrian peninsula, in the north-west, also offers grand sailing opportunities. There are islands galore waiting to be explored, from small uninhabited dots in the seascape to larger touristic islands such as Brijuni e Losinj. The Istrian coastline is packed with historical interest; Pula's Roman amphitheatre is magnificent.

Travel Tips for Croatia

You’ll be pleased to hear that for boat rentals in  Croatia, in Dubrovnik and also in Split, you can find direct flights to their airports, Dubrovnik (DBV) and Split (SPU). Pula Sirport (PUY) and Rijeka Airport (RJK) are smaller airports, yet still have direct flights to other locations in Europe. 

You can also find direct flights to the mainland capital Zagreb (ZAG) and catch a regional flight to a smaller, more local airport.

Train services are networked more inland as opposed to along the coast, with boat and bus being the main means of transport elsewhere.
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