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Rent a Boat in Athens and Set Sail for the Gold Coast

Sailing the Greek islands from Athens with a boat rental

With crystal seas and favourable winds, Greece's idyllic islands make for excellent sailing destinations with a boat rental from Athens. With countless itineraries, you can charter a boat for a week with a skipper to experience the Aegean Sea's treasures, traversing secluded anchorages, bustling fishing ports and ancient Greek monuments. For ease of access, beginner's can stick to the Saronic and Hydra Gulfs, while seasoned sailors may find more excitement in the unspoilt Argolic Gulf. All are easily managed in one week.

Local sailing destinations in Athens

For short-stay rentals in and around Athens, the Athenian Riviera provides perfect sailing along the Apollo Coast. With palm tree-ladened beaches and bustling urban centres, the coast offers an excellent mix of lazy Mediterranean sailing and vibrant shoreside activities. Littered with ancient monuments like the Temple of Poseidon and the Temple of Apollo Zoster, a boat rental provides romantic and mystical panoramas transporting you back into times of old. In particular, sailing to Anavissos – a resort town with great seafood – is a must for beach lovers. Sailing down the Attica peninsula unveils a plenitude of beaches, lakes, ancient monasteries and mosaics.

Climate and Sailing Conditions in Athens

The meltemi wind is the northerly wind which blows from July to October. Generally, the force ranges from 4-6, though this is only when the meltemi is present, as it is not as regular as in other areas of Greece such as the Cyclades. In the case that the meltemi isn’t present, there is a southerly wind which sometimes blows at force 2-4. During the summertime in Athens, you can expect hot summers averaging 29°C. In September and October, the temperatures are still in the twenties, too!

How to rent a boat in Athens

Rental is a smooth process with many ports to choose to depart from. You can select your boat based on your party size, including everything from small yachts and motorboats to family-friendly catamarans. Whichever vessel you choose to book, sailing is the perfect way to experience Athens' coastline, beaches and islands, with excellent sailing conditions through the Aegon Sea and beyond. Round trips are best with many sailing on from Alimos/Kalamaki, with chances to avoid the summer crowds across the Saronic milk run with a Friday to Friday rental.

Sailing areas in Athens

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Boat rentals in Athens

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