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Trimaran rentals in Tortola

When sailing in the British Virgin Islands, Tortola is an absolute must! Located around 60 miles east of Puerto Rico, it is a great location to sail to. Trimaran rentals in Tortola are very popular so you will be sure to spot a few on your adventure!

The island is about 3 miles (5 km) wide, and the highest peak is Mount Sage, which reaches 1,781 feet (543 metres). There is a fragment of an unusual xerophytic (drought-tolerant) forest, with flora like that of the Greater Antilles, which contains species not found elsewhere on Tortola.

What to do with your trimaran rental in Tortola

Trimaran rentals in Tortula are one of the best ways to explore many different destinations in the British Virgin Islands. This means you can stop in many places and not forgetting all the amazing photography opportunities!
Explore new bays and secret coves with views of the surrounding mountains. I bet there are not many other places you can do that! Walk on white sandy beaches and relax on your trimaran rental in Tortula.
For a new and unique way to see the island, we recommend that you visit the amazing Sky World … You have to see it for yourself to really appreciate how spectacular it is.
Another of our favourite things to do whilst in Tortula is to check out the amazing cultural scenes it has to offer. For example, the Wall Mural of Fahie Hil is sure to catch your interest.
For those brave daredevils out there, you must locate the famous obstacle trail from Spring Bay to Devil’s Bay. Use ropes, ladders, and your own wits as you reach your destination.

Tortola Spots to Eat, Drink, and Hang Out

Visit Bomba’s Surf Shack for drinks and a bbq. The shack is a popular hot spot for sailors to meet, enjoy a drink and catch up on adventures of the sea. 

For a lovely evening out with your crew, one of our favourite recommendationS is to drink delicious rum at Callwood’s distillery and eat yummy food at Myett’s Restaurant before stargazing and listening to the gentle waves from your trimaran rental in Tortula

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