Top Sailors Club

What is the Top Sailors Club?

The Top Sailors Club is an exclusive club at Nautal which rewards our top sailors with additional benefits and exclusive offers.

Advantages of signing up to the Top Sailors Club

All Top Sailors Club members will have cancellation insurance on their boat rental, offered free of charge by Nautal. In addition, many boat owners may offer other exclusive gifts to Top Sailors Club members.

How do I join the Top Sailors Club?

After renting a boat, the boat owner can give you a review. If your overall rating averages over 8.5, you will automatically join the Top Sailors Club.

Cancellation insurance conditions that Nautal offers to all Top Sailors Club members’ boat rentals for free.

The insurance covers the boat rental amount and it covers every person on the membership certificate. This means that in the case that one person chooses to cancel their charter, we reimburse them, or the entire group, if other participants no longer wish to go as a result of this individual cancellation.
A replacement captain compensation will be paid in the event of the captain cancelling the boat charter.
A supplementary compensation will be paid if after a cancellation booking, the lessee rebooks with the same rental company.
The causes of cancellation are very extensive/detailed: diseases; accidents; death of the insured, regarding his/her spouse, ascendants, descendants or brothers and sisters; material damage to the assets of the insured; all types of dismissal or transfer of the insured or his/her spouse; impediment of professional order as a result of illness; death of the most direct collaborator; bankruptcy of the company managed by the lessee; administrative or judicial convocation, as a jury; transport, railroad or air strikes; not leaving an airplane due to force majeure, etc.
In order for the cover to be effective, it is essential to have completed the crew list after booking with Nautal.

What other benefits do boat owners offer?

Boat owners are free to choose the gift they wish to offer Top Sailors Club members. Among these gifts, boat owners can gift an extra, a gift at check-in or a fast check-in, enabling you to set sail as soon as possible.

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