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Sailing boat rentals in Turkey

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Sailboat rentals in Turkey

Come and discover Turkey with a sailboat charter in Turkey, undoubtedly a destination that is fashionable with its own merit. Mosques and spas adorn the destination, its beaches will make you want to return for your next getaway. With a unique location, granting access to 4 seas, Turkey becomes the perfect tourist destination for sailing in a sailboat. Ankara, its capital, and Istanbul await you, as well as its popularly visited coast, the Mediterranean Sea.

Sailing around Turkey

In the port of Netsel Marina, with 750 moorings, you will be able to board your sailboat ready for sailing. But do not forget that Turkey is very large and there are other large ports prepared for sailboat rentals, such as Albatros, Fethiye Ece and Göcek. All of them have more than 200 berths and additional services for your sailing trip.

Prepare the sails and board your sailboat rental to see the best beaches in Turkey. Turun beach, where maximum tranquility reigns, the beach of Gobun located between two cliffs or the beach of Antinkum, where the sunsets are a great highlight.

Weather conditions in Turkey

Clear skies and beautiful waves, this is Turkey in its high season from May to October. With an average temperature of 20 degrees, around 30 in the summer, and with a perfect water temperature in the summer, your sailboat rental vacation promises to be spectacular. Renting a sailboat in Turkey is the best option if you are sailing, with the winds of meltemi and mud, coming from the north and southeast respectively. Remember we must always check the weather forecast before sailing to Turkey.

How to get to Turkey

The airports of Istanbul Ataturk, Istanbul Sabiha, Izmir, Ankara, Antalya and Dalaman are perfect options if you want to arrive by plane. Do not forget that there is the option to arrive by boat from Greece or Italy.
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