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All about Sailboat Rentals in the Sporades

Spectacular scenery, crystalline clear coves and sandy stretches of beach grace the Sporades Islands. Skiathos and Skopelos amongst others are a dream for sailing and have plenty of attractions on land, too. These historic towns and villages maintain a tranquil island lifestyle and display illustrious examples of Greek architecture and culture. Sailboat rentals in the Sporades are favoured by all types of sailors, whether seeking a challenging summer sailing project, or a romantic island getaway in Greek paradise.

Sailing Areas in the Sporades

Our two islands for sailboat rentals are Skiathos and Skopelos.

In Skiathos, the port is called Vorio Neo Limani Port. In Skopelos, they like to keep things more simple, meaning you can rent a sailboat in Skopelos Marina without getting your tongue in a twist!

Climate and Sailing Conditions in the Sporades

The wind conditions are not as forceful as the Cyclades islands, but the meltemi wind is still present in the Sporades islands. It prevails from north-east to north-west and usually picks up in June, until its at its strongest in July and August before calming down in September. The wind force ranges from 4-6 and can sometimes reach up to wind force 7. 

The meltemi daytime temperatures in summer are delightfully mediterranean varying from 25°C to 30°C.

Itinerary Ideas for the Sporades

Skiathos is lined with sandy gold beaches, beautiful pebbled bays and crystal clear water. Beaches you might like to pay a visit are Tsougria, Koukounaries Beach and Lalaria Beach. You can only access Lalaria Beach by boat! Vorio Neo Limani Port to Lalaria Beach is only a 6 nautical mile sail and in the perfect direction for a helpful push from the meltemi! In Skiathos town, there are lots of restaurants, bars and shops. Skiathos also has a medieval castle and the Moni Evangelistrias.

Kastani Beach, Paralia Panormos and Paralia Stafilos are gorgeous beaches on Skopelos island. The island has a Venetian castle and the Monastery of Panagia Evangelistria.

Plan a sailing route and set sail to discover even more island delights. There are 22 other islands awaiting you!

Travel Tips for the Sporades

Fortunately, Skiathos has an airport very close to the port (just 2km away) which means you can also fly there and get a ferry to Skopelos if you are starting your sailboat rental there. Sorted!

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