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Sailing boat rentals in Mexico

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Sailboat rental in Mexico

Mexico is a fantastic sailboat destination, with a host of different vessels available to rent and charter all year round. With a vibrant and varied environment, you can experience the tranquillity of areas like Baja California, sailing from the Gulf of California through to the Pacific Ocean. You can rent your sailboat for a week or longer, sticking to either the Pacific or Caribbean side of the country. How to rent a boat is easy, simply choose from a wide variety of boat rentals in the Caribbean with the click of a button.

Island-hopping with a chartered sailboat

Mexico attracts sailors due to its varied and versatile islands and coastal landscapes. Whichever side of the country you choose to start your journey, you can venture between white sandy beaches, hidden coves, snow-capped mountains and deserts. In the Gulf of California, charter your sailboat through some 900 islands, including San Estaban and Sand Pedro Martir, when travelling from bustling La Paz to San Carlos. On the Caribbean side, Contoy Island is perfect for seclusion when sailing the Mexican Riviera.

Rent a sailboat in Mexico

Renting a sailboat in Mexico has never been easier. You can start your journey from a number of stunning ports with ample opportunity to explore Mexico’s coastal cultures by sampling the local seafood and cafes. La Paz remains the centre of sailboat rentals in the west, allowing for routes across the Gulf of California and Mexico’s Pacific coast all the way to Acapulco. Cancun and the Yucatán Peninsula are the epicentres of the east, with all the tropical hallmarks you'd expect from Caribbean sailing.

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