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All about Sailboat Rentals in the Cyclades

The ultimate summer sailing project for you: a sailboat rental in the Cyclades Islands. Consisting of over 200 islands, the Cyclades are a beautiful collection of Greek islands to the south-east of Athens in the Mediterranean Sea. During the summer season, the meltemi wind can pick up blowing at force 5-8, the perfect scene for experienced sailors and chartered skippers. You can develop your sailing skills and knowledge or learn the ropes from a professional skipper on your next sailing charter in the Cyclades islands. 

Sailing Areas in the Cyclades

Our sailboat rental bases are on the islands Paros, Mykonos and Santorini. 

Paros - Port of Paros
Mykonos - Tourlos Mykonos Marina
Santorini - Vlichada Marina 

Want to hear something great? Mooring in Greece is often free! Many small towns and villages don’t charge and on the occasion that they do, it’s often no more than €20 for large vessels.

Climate and Sailing Conditions in the Cyclades

Similar to France’s mistral wind, the Greek meltemi wind prevails in a north-easterly to north-westerly direction across the islands during the peak months. It starts to blow in June time and is strongest during the peak summer months, simmering down by September and October. The wind force can range from 5-8 so it’s really crucial to stay tuned into the weather forecasts and changes while sailing. If you are not experienced as a sailor, we advise sailing with a skipper. 
The temperatures are pleasant from late spring to early autumn ranging in the mid-twenties. Summer can be piping hot at over 30°C, but luckily you have the refreshing cerulean sea and the meltemi wind to cool you off.

Itinerary Ideas for the Cyclades

Mykonos, Paros, Santorini or all three? Have a read for some inspiration.

Mykonos, the party island with five rustic windmills overlooking its capital’s coast, is full of adventure for you and your crew. This island has its own lake, Marathi Lake, ideal for nature lovers and those who wish to explore more on land. As well as beautiful scenery and nature, this island is a party hub in the summertime. Bars, nightclubs and restaurants will give you no trouble in finding yummy food, cocktails and a good time.

Paros is a stunning island with many coves and gold sandy bays awaiting you and your sailboat. Golden Beach is a famous bathing spot and villages such as Naousa have lots of little shops and cafes where you can spend the afternoon. 

Santorini is far from pretty, it’s picturesque and consequently the chosen image for many greek postcards of the Cyclades Islands. Curiously, this island used to be a circle and is known as “the round one”. The volcanic history here means that Santorini has changed shape and also sunk in many parts, no longer forming a full circle. The fertile earth of Santorini is ideal for vineyards and wineries are in full swing with speciality wines and wine tours offered by many wineries. 

Travel Tips for the Cyclades

Luckily there are airports on all three islands. However, you can only fly to Paros airport from Greece (Athens and Thessaloniki). Mykonos and Santorini both operate international flights. 

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