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Can I charter a sailboat?
Yes. Sailboat charter is an excellent and affordable way to spend a holiday at sea. You will feel at ease on board and can anchor in quiet bays or explore a new beach or cove every day. If you rent for more than one day you should know that weekly rentals nearly always start on Saturday afternoon and require you to return to the port of origin the following Friday afternoon. The last night is usually spent on board since check-out will take place on Saturday morning around 9 am.
Is it expensive to charter a sailboat?
The cost of a sailboat charter depends on the number of cabins, the length, the year the boat was built, if it is chartered with or without a skipper, etc. A small sailboat with two cabins can cost anywhere from $1000 per week in low season, while the bigger sailboats with 5-6 cabins can cost up to $10,000 per week. Additional options such as air conditioning, power generator and water toys raise the price. One last piece of advice on sleeping on board, does everyone want a cabin or can some of you sleep in other living spaces? This decision can greatly influence the price.
What is included in a sailboat charter and what additional expenses can I expect?
Usually, there is a base price for the charter period and a flat rate for the additional mandatory costs. Pay particular attention here to decide if you want to include only final cleaning or also add bedding, towels and an engine for the auxiliary boat. Other costs include, mooring fees, of course, which can vary greatly depending on the size of the ship, the port and the country. For gas and fresh water, you can expect to pay between $150 and $300 per week.
What license do you need to charter a sailboat?
If you want to charter a sailboat without a skipper, most countries require a navigation license. In France and the Caribbean, however, you can charter a sailboat without one. The decisive factor in such cases is the "past history sailing experience" of those who wish to charter the sailboat, which is a sheet that details the entire navigational experience of the interested party.
Where to charter a sailboat?
Spain and Italy offer many beautiful sailing spots. Croatia is an ideal place for beginners. For experienced sailors we recommend chartering a sailboat in Martinique, the Seychelles, Greece or in the Canary Islands. Choose your favorite destination and we will send you an offer!

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