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- 10%

Semirigida of 6.2 meters in Marina Botafoch, ideal to go to Formentera, with solarium in prow and stern

Aero sports 6.2 meters long and up to 10 people ideal for day outings with family or friends. Surprising good behavior during navigation and ease of use, designed to get much beach or small coves by her draft.

It features a powerful 130 hp engine that...

11 reviews

Rib mv marine 620 | 20.34 feet , 10 places

Port d’Eivissa (Ibiza) | See more Ribs in Ibiza

from $ 535 $ 481 /day
from $ 3,152 $ 2,837 /week

CAPELLI TEMPEST Up to 12 pax. Palm

Semirrigida fantastic solarium with great ideal for a day of sailing.
Fast and comfortable for navigating is a breeze.
Available for your convenience electric windlass, GPS plotter, awning, shower fresh water.
Yamaha 4-stroke engine 225cv quick...

5 reviews

Rent this air for 10 people in Formentera

Morgan Aero 6.5 meters long with capacity for 10 people. It has a 115 engine ideal for quick shifts between coves and beaches cv. For its reduced draft this boat is ideal for getting too close to the beach or anchor in places where boats of greater length...

3 reviews

FLASH 750 Inflatable ALSON Luxury

Fantastic very comfortable air, to make your day unforgettable sea, a large solarium, plenty of seating in the shade of a large canopy. ideal place to spend the day with family and friends

3 reviews

Inflatable for 8 people in Ibiza

Inflatable Narwhal 5.20 meters long with capacity for 8 people. The outputs are made from Las Salinas (Ibiza) just 15 minutes from the island of Formentera so you can enjoy sailing from the start. It has bimini, stereo, GPS, bathing ladder and Evinrude...

11 reviews

Rent this elegant boat in Milazzo

This boat will offer top performance and is built with quality materials.

It has a large sofa with a table, a wet bar with two ice chests and well 2 sunbathing areas at both bow and stern.

It has 2 engines of 300 hp Yamaha.

Rib Custom 10.90 Striker | 35.76 feet , 10 places

Milazzo Marina (Sicily) | See more Ribs in Sicily

from $ 542 / day

AVON 5.5

Fast Zodiac inflatable boat 5 meters ideal for quick trips between coves length. It can accommodate 5 people.

Powered by a 50 hp Yamaha engine, 4-stroke with very little consumption, this boat is very safe, offering good performance and maneuverability....

5 reviews

- 10%

Pneumatic 6 meters for 10 pax in Ibiza. New 2016!

new Great Selva D600 DS for rent in Ibiza Brand New!

It measures 6 meters long and can accommodate 10 people.

Required qualifications: "Titulín".

1 review

Rib Selva Marine D600 DS | 19.68 feet , 10 places

Port d’Eivissa (Ibiza) | See more Ribs in Ibiza

from $ 548 $ 494 /day

Ride along the coast of with this fast

Browse Menorca at full speed aboard this wonderful air and discover the best beaches on the island. With 9.73 meters long it has ample sunbathing areas both fore and aft and a comfortable cockpit that make Sacs 33 an ideal boat for day outings.

Rib Sacs 33 | 31.92 feet , 12 places

Maó (Minorca) | See more Ribs in Minorca

from $ 946 / day
from $ 6,619 / week
- 20%

NEW 2017 !!! Ibiza runs in this quick and agile inflatable boat.

SELVA Model D.470 a boat very comfortable with 4.7 meters wide solarium bow and spacious stowage lockers. By not specify any qualifications under current legislation, it is ideal for first-time boaters who wish to know the coast of Ibiza in a different...

2 reviews

Rigid Valiant 500 for 4 people available at the Port des Minimes in La Rochelle

Valiant 500 Sport is an ideal rigid for the ride, fishing or even banana boat. New and in very good condition, this boat 5 meters will convince you with its very low consumption.
Perfect for a fishing trip in a small group in La Rochelle or to the Islands...

Rib Valiant Sport | 16.40 feet , 4 places

Port de Minimes (Charente Maritime - La Rochelle) | See more Ribs in Charente Maritime - La Rochelle

from $ 151 / half day
from $ 214 / day
from $ 1,122 / week

neumatica 5m in Mallorca, Puerto de Pollensa ideal for 7 persons and does not require license

This pneumatic 5m in length is ideal for touring the coast of our beautiful bay. For its shallow draft makes easier its proximity to the coast, and even to the beach, which other larger vessels.
If all this we add the fact of not requiring license,...

2 reviews

rent Small Rib Boat in Zadar

Rib 5m long boat with 60 hp motor in Zadar, approved for a maximum of 6 people.

Rib Bura 5.0 | 15.75 feet , 6 places

Port of Zadar (Zadar) | See more Ribs in Zadar

Explore menorca in a semi-rigid Zodiac

This Zodiac is perfect for touring the island from north to south and discovering the most hidden, exclusive of Menorca. Escape with 8 friends touring the soprendentes corners of the island.

It is easy to use and very safe for navigation. It has a...

1 review

Rib Ribeye S785 | 25.75 feet , 8 places

Maó (Minorca) | See more Ribs in Minorca

from $ 599 / day
from $ 2,395 / week

Car air 4.5 meters in Port Sóller, Mallorca

4.5 meter RIB with 40hp engine. For up to 4 people.

With family or friends you can enjoy the many diverse beaches of Sóller. We find sandy beaches and rocky beaches, small coves and large beaches, accessible beaches and other less accessible for those...

Inflatable for 8 people in Ibiza and Formentera

Pneumatic brand new 2016 with up to 8 people, shower on board table in solarium and possibility of snorkeling. With this air will enjoy the experience at sea with unbeatable comfort and safety.

With a sporty style, it offers an easy to navigate the...

7 reviews

Rib Brig Eagle eagle | 21.33 feet , 8 places

Port d’Eivissa (Ibiza) | See more Ribs in Ibiza

from $ 378 / day
from $ 4,387 / week

TEMPEST 700 SUN 'S' (2017 new) - To discover the beautiful creeks of Cassis - For 12 people MAXI

Here is a new semi-rigid (2017) for *** PILOTE CONFIRME *** with the new generation of YAMAHA engines that consume less!

Cruising comfort: 12 people MAXI

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Last space...

1 review

Rib Capelli TEMPEST 700 | 22.97 feet , 12 places

Port de la Pointe Rouge (Bouches-du-Rhône - Marseille) | See more Ribs in Bouches-du-Rhône - Marseille

from $ 340 / half day
from $ 479 / day
from $ 2,711 / week
- 10%

Inflatable Boat of 7.6 meters for rent in Ibiza

Morgan Aero Sport 7.6 meters long and can accommodate 12 for day perfect family or friends people. Surprising good behavior during navigation and easy operation, designed to get very close to the beach or small coves by her draft.

It features a powerful...

3 reviews

Rib Zodiac NZO 760 | 24.93 feet , 12 places

Port d’Eivissa (Ibiza) | See more Ribs in Ibiza

from $ 629 $ 566 /day
from $ 3,152 $ 2,837 /week

Neumatica 7.5 meters in Mallorca

We have boats, fully equipped so you can enjoy with family or friends of our coves and beaches Palma de Mallorca ..

Rib Valiant 7.50 | 24.61 feet , 12 places

Club Náutico Cala Gamba (Majorca) | See more Ribs in Majorca

from $ 441 / half day
from $ 567 / day
from $ 39,713 / week
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