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Reviews from other clients

Reviews from other clients

25326 reviews

  • Fuengirola was a good harbour for a 4 hour boat trip. We saw dolphins, stopped for a jump in the sea and relaxed on the boat whilst it was driven by a competent and happy captain.
    Mark B.

    rented a Sea Ray 440 sport

    Published Oct 2, 2019

  • We had the most fantastic day boating around to all the different Cala’s and dropping anchor. It was by far the best day of our trip thus far and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
    Kelsey O.

    rented a Pegazus 460

    Published Oct 3, 2019

  • We loved all the little spots we visited. Korcola Town was lovely. The restaurant in the mountain on our last night in Slano was a definite highlight ( can’t remember the name)
    Merryn O.

    rented a Custom Providenca

    Published Jun 30, 2019

  • You can drive from the port to the last of the Cinque Terre in 1h and it is one of the landscape and views are breathtaking. It is quiet and very safe if careful with the rocks.
    Natalia T.

    rented a Capelli CAP 17

    Published Sep 18, 2019

  • The yacht club in Porto montenegro And Regent hotel including the Aqua section of the hotel. Kotor heist was very nice and of the course the entire bay is beautiful one of a kind
    Luay T.

    rented a SEARAY Sundancer 375

    Published Aug 17, 2019

  • We spent the day mostly on the water and did not stop at any harbour. But if you like the ocean and the sun, bring something to eat and drink and enjoy a day full of sun and fun.
    Steffen M.

    rented a Marinello fisherman

    Published Jun 23, 2019

  • Ibiza was great. Suggest going with a group of friends. A boat trip is a must. Check out the islands as the beaches are not that pretty, should go out farther for clearer water.
    Alisha M.

    rented a Sunseeker Camargue 46

    Published Jun 24, 2019

  • Boat tour around the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza. Renting a boat was the best activity :)!!!! Opportunity to get away from croisés beaches and swim in Cristal Blue water
    Emilie G.

    rented a Rinker CAPTIVA 282

    Published Jun 12, 2019

  • The natural coves, the turquoise waters and in October, the water temperature is ideal for bathing, the weather is milder than in summer and everything is enjoyed twice as much

    rented a Custom 23.60m

    Published Oct 22, 2019

  • San Frantusso was a beautiful place. We also recommend camigilio, and going around Portofino! The boat was also a great size and we really enjoyed our day. We highly recommend!
    Mark D.

    rented a ZAR FORMENTI SRL 43

    Published Jul 8, 2019

  • We stayed near Sant Vicent which as a nice quieter side of the island to enjoy as a family. La Paloma restaurant was an amazing location at night and beautiful food to match.
    Julian T.

    rented a Dufour 43 classic

    Published Oct 9, 2019

  • Be on the coast and on the sea. The rocks are impressive even as the deep blue sea and views to the land. Also anckoring is very exciting and swimming and diving in the area
    Otto W.

    rented a Cobalt 220

    Published Sep 25, 2019

  • I would recommend sailing to formentera but make sure you set off from a well known port and make sure if you stay for sunset you are close to shore before it gets too dark!
    Holly J.

    rented a Ronautica Yachts Ro 265

    Published Oct 9, 2019

  • The West coast of Mallorca is perfect to go with small boats. The water is perfect, the views are stunning, we can only recommend Andratx as starting point of your boat trip.
    Lara V.

    rented a AB Marine AB MARINE 13

    Published Aug 14, 2019

  • Good restaurants, nice city, comfortable, a lot of bars and clubs, it is a perfect city for a hen party, bday party or just friends who want to have fun. Very lively city!
    Laura I.

    rented a Sea Ray 440 sport

    Published Jun 25, 2019

  • Boat hire that allowed us to see all the wonderful beaches and places around Mallorca. A unique experience with beautiful boats, wonderful staff and all the latest equipment
    Patrick W.

    rented a BWA 19 SPORT GT

    Published May 31, 2019

  • We loved our time in Split and Hvar in July. We explored the old towns, had beautiful lunches on the marina. Swam in Hvar and went to a gorgeous beach club (Les Bain’s)
    Michekke H.

    rented a Custom Leut

    Published Aug 18, 2019

  • Beatrix and Alphonso were amazing, great experience all round would highly recommend to everyone. Attention to details was amazing too and help finding us a place to go
    Tarque Y.

    rented a Chaparral 180 SSI

    Published Sep 5, 2019

  • Amazing clear water! Boat ran slowly but that was to be expected without a licence. Everything you need to explore the amazing coast line both north and south of the bay.
    Will S.

    rented a Bayliner Element

    Published Oct 11, 2019

  • Try restaurant Galini for seafood. It is tucked away from the commercial areas (near Monilithos) and the food is fabulous. Also a must do is to sail around the island.
    Subhra C.


    Published Jun 25, 2019

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