All about Motorboat Rentals in Split 

Can you think of a better way of exploring the Adriatic coastline and the sensational Dalmatian Archipelago brimming with coves and creeks than on a motorboat rental in Split? Not only do we have motorboat rentals in Split, but also in various towns and even on the islands themselves (more info in Sailing Areas in Split).

Rent a motorboat in Split for a week for a comfortable and luxurious holiday on the water. You can
visit nearby towns around the Adriatic coast on your charter, but you'll also want to visit the city

The beauty of renting a motorboat is that not only do you have an extravagant marine hotel with the Adriatic Sea as your own private swimming pool, but your motorboat is also your private excursion ticket to wherever you fancy exploring.   

Sailing Areas in Split 

As mentioned above, you can rent a motorboat in areas outside of Split city, in various locations in the region of Split and also on the nearby islands. 

Here is a list of all our motorboat rental locations in the area of Split. 

Port of Split, ACI Marina Split and Marina Kastela

Port Trogir and Baotić Marina

Omiš - Omiš Port 
Stobreč - Port Stobreč

Island locations
Brač - Marina Vlaska-Milna
Brač - Port Povlja
Šolta - Marina Maslinica 
Hvar - Port Hvar 

Don't forget you can also rent a motorboat in Sibenik and then start sailing south, towards Split and Hvar!

Climate and Sailing Conditions in Split

You don’t need to worry about rough sailing conditions here, as during the sailing season from April to September, the wind conditions are generally calm but can be known to be a bit stronger in the afternoons. Always keep an eye on the forecast and sailing conditions before and during sailing. 

Summer temperatures can sizzle over 30°C so if you’re not a sun baby, sail in spring or autumn when the temperatures are cooler and there are also less visitors making your trip more tranquil and intimate. 

Itinerary Ideas for Split

Split is a popular destination and bursting at its seams with so much choice. Walk its gracious white palace ruin walls as you pick between the inviting bars and restaurants and their appetising menus. 

While you're in Split, don't miss the historic old town, which contains some of the most interesting architecture and offers a glimpse into the unique history of Croatia. For the best views, climb Marjan Hill. At the top, you'll find a coffee shop where you can reward yourself with a drink after your walk, and take in some truly spectacular vistas of Split and the
surrounding area.

Trogir is a beautiful coastal town with a fortress (worth visiting!) overlooking its prestigious position over the islands and Adriatic sea. There is a market here, popular with both tourists and locals. During the summer, Trogir hosts a summer music festival from June to September. 

For motorboat rentals based in Brač, Hvar and Šolta, find yourself in the heart of Croatia’s Dalmatian oasis and delve into all that these paradise islands have to offer. There are various scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities as well as watersport companies and activities. The islands themselves are covered in green forests and little Croatian villages where you can indulge in local cuisine and delicacies in Konobas (taverns or places where food is prepared). There are many coves and creeks, perfect for discovery by motorboat as well.

Enjoying the Cusine in Split

What comes to mind when you think of Croatian cuisine? If you're drawing a blank, don't worry. When you rent a motorboat in Split, you'll be able to try some local Dalmatian food, one of the great hidden gems of European gastronomic traditions.

Pasticada is a beef stew that needs to be prepared at least one day in advance and is packed with punchy flavours. Save yourself the hassle by ordering it at a restaurant. If you're still hungry after that, then you'll need to try the paradizet, a dessert with whisked egg whites that will make you feel like you're biting into a cloud. Of course, like any port city, there's
plenty of fresh fish and seafood to enjoy, too.

Travel Tips for Split

Split Airport (SPU) is reachable from both Trogir and Split. In fact, it’s actually closer to Trogir. You can get a bus shuttle service from the airport to various destinations, including Trogir and Split. To Split, the bus usually costs around 20 HRK, and to Trogir a little less at 12 HRK. 
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