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  • Intentar visitar tanto las calas del sur como las del norte, muy distintas unas de otros (hace falta buena mar para ir al norte y hay muchas menos calas). Los restaurantes del puerto son muy buenos, sobre todo S'Amarador y Café Balear. El hotel Can Faustino muy bueno.

    Javier rented a Beneteau flyer 550

    Published Jul 18, 2016

Reviews from our clients for Menorca

200 reviews

  • Intentar visitar tanto las calas del sur como las del norte, muy distintas unas de otros (hace falta buena mar para ir al norte y hay muchas menos calas). Los restaurantes del puerto son muy buenos, sobre todo S'Amarador y Café Balear. El hotel Can Faustino muy bueno.

    rented a Beneteau flyer 550

    Published Jul 18, 2016

  • Beaucoup de monde sur les plages accessibles par la route, en août, donc nous recommandons le bateau Itinéraire à choisir en fonction du vent Emporter le picnic à bord car pas de paillotes Beaux paysages et beaucoup de poissons

    rented a Jeanneau Cap Camarat 625WA

    Published Aug 20, 2017

  • Cualquier cala de la zona noroeste y suroeste. En el noroeste la Cala d'Algaraiens. En el Suroeste, Turqueta, Macarella, Mitjana y Trebalúger. Restaurantes C’AN OLGA, Pont de Na Macarrana, s/n, Es Mercadal, Tel. 971 37 54 59

    rented a Tecnofiber Almar 190

    Published Sep 9, 2015

  • Al sur: Trevalúger, Fustam i EScorxada y acantilados del sur, entre Son Bou i Binibéquer. Al norte: Illa Colom, Cala N´Tortuga, Cala Presili, Far Favàritx i costa entre Favàritx i Port d´Addaia (si buscas estar solo).

    rented a Sessa Key Largo 19

    Published Jul 11, 2016

  • Navigation au Nord-Est de l'île! Départ du port d'Addaia direction Baix des Pas, entre Minorque et ila den Colom, magnifique. A voir également l'une des plus belle crique de l'île, Arenal de son saura !

    rented a Jeanneau Cap Camarat 755 Walk Around

    Published Oct 6, 2017

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An island of calm, tranquillity and peace. Menorca, with a stretch of 701km2, is located in the middle of the Western Mediterranean with its capital, Mahon, on the East coast. It is the third most populated of the Balearic Islands, after Mallorca and Ibiza. Declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. 


If you sail through Menorca, it is important that you know where to moor.

The port of Mahon, located on the East Coast of the island of  Menorca, is one of the largest natural harbours in the world. You can anchor a few metres from the city, and enjoy its transparent waters and nature that surrounds you. 

The port of Ciutadella is located at the West of the island. It is considered one of the most historical ports of the Baelerics as there have been many boats stopping here since the Middle Ages. We recommend that you be careful of the unanticipated tides here, as the they cause rise and fall of sea level in a very short time.

Fornells, also offers the option of both mooring and anchoring. Making a stop in this fishing village in the North of Menorca will give you the chance to taste one of the most popular dishes in the most suitable place, the caldereta de Langosta. 

Port of Cala´n Bosch enjoys a privileged location on the Southwest Coast of the island Menorca and is the nearest marina to the Mallorcan Coast. It is located  next to Cape dÁrtruix and the virgin coves of the South. Access to this port is more limited than the rest due to the existence of a bridge with a maximum height of 6.80 metres and a maximum draft of 1.50 metres at its entrance.

Es Grau, is a small fishing port sheltered in nature with a wide sandy beach and Illa dén Colom opposite. It´s waters are not very deep. This is a prime location to rent kayaks and small boats too.

Port Addaia is situated between P Natual SÁlbufera des Grau arque and Marina Reserve in Northern Menorca, close to numerous coves and unique places to practise diving and fishing. Menorca is an island with an endless number of pristine coves and paradisaical beauty, you can sail these beautiful waters by sailboat or catamaran in order to explore secret locations. In order to make the most of this land, it is imperative that you embark on a boat excursion; we recommend that you hire a characteristic boat with lots of charm that will ensure you enjoy your experience.

If a rest stop is on the agenda, anchor in Cala Morell on the Northern Coast. If you prefer to stop on the Southern Coast you have the option of either Ses Fonatnelles, Cala Pregonda or among others. Be sure to visit Cala Alcalfar, Cala de Binibequer, Calescoves, Macarella and Macarelleta if you get the chance. 

Climate and winds

Visiting Menorca is a guarantee of relaxation with a typical Mediterranean climate and an average annual temperature of 16.7 degrees c.

An important aspect of the Menorcan climate is the winds, predominantly Tramontana from the North, which is usually persistent, cold, dry and strong. 

Interesting tips... 

One of the greatest treasures of Menorca is undoubtedly its beaches and coves. The only way to describe the coves of Menorca is to compare the crystal clear waters of those in the Caribbean. 

Here there are beaches to suit all tastes, from a touristic and lively scene to the most hidden secret coves.

Caves of clay soil such as Cala Pilar, where bathers paint their bodies with sand to use their unique exfoliation qualities. 

Another of its coves, Cala Maceralla is situated next to its sister minor Macarelleta. As this beach is such a well desired location, it is advised to get up early to secure a place. 

After an excursion to the lighthouse of Cavalleria, located a few kilometres away, you might fancy a swim in the crystal clear waters of Cala Pregonda. The journey on foot departs from the Binime-la car park, 30 minutes by cami de cavalls, the path that surrounds the island. In Cala Pregonda there are small islands, seagulls and, above all, the breeze that adds to the state of total tranquillity. 

Talaier is a cove with just a small presence of tourists. It is located between two beaches known as Son Saura and Cala Turqueta. Arriving from the first beach is simple and allows visitors to enjoy the emanates Mediterranean essence. Although the path can be somewhat overwhelming in the hottest hours of the day, the reward is worth it as you will see a tiny-appearing cove that open into the sea as it moves along the rock.

The great natural diversity that is home to the island of Menorca, makes it possible to discover endemic species of the island in its fascinating seabed as well as in the nature that surrounds it. 

Besides unspoiled beaches and stunning nature, Menorca has cities that tell stories such as Ciutadella and Mahon because of its interesting path. 

The cuisine of Menorca, will give joy to anyone's palette. Here you will find the cheeses of denomination of origin. Inspirations comes from Islamic, French, medieval and Catalan which are shown in the success of this kitchen. In terms of liqueurs, Gin Xoriguer, is one of the most characteristic liqueurs of the island with which prepares another of its essential summer drinks, the Ointment.  

How to get there

Thanks to tourism, Menorca, although a small island, is well connected with the main cities of Spain. In order to reach Menorca, this can be done by plane, to Menorca Airport which is the main connection of the island with the outside and that is Located 4.5 km from Mahon or by boat, a good option if you want to take your car, as it is quite recommendable to move in ones own vehicle or rental.  

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