All about Motorboat rentals in Italy

A motorboat is the perfect alternative for those who want to enjoy a quieter holiday with good services, without finding themselves with bulk or uncomfortable boats. It’s perfect for small families that are looking for maximum practicality without renouncing on those little comforts that shouldn’t be missed on a holiday. Let’s see together which corners of Italy suit this type of boat best.

What to do in Italy

Renting a motorboat is a great way to share some time with your family on holiday, or to reunite with a group of friends. The goal is to be together and enjoy  these small Italian paradises, but where should you sail with your motorboat?
Italy offers different renting options, but between all of them we suggest Naples and its Gulf. A motorboat is perfect for quick snacks as well as complete meals, and Neapolitan cuisine offers a wide choice for both options! If you want to take a nap, you can enjoy the sun of IIschia and Procida, among the most famous and beloved islands of Southern Italy.
Another option, very different from the previous one but still just as great, is to visit  Lake Garda. It is one of the favourite destinations for both the locals of Northern Italy, as well as tourists neighboring Austria and Germany. Of course, it’s a different kind of experience, being in fresh waters, but just as enchanting and satisfying. Renting a motorboat will allow you to spend a relaxing holiday by the lake, but will also allow you to see enchanting places like the Rocca Scaligera, the archaeological area of Sirmione at the Grotte of Catullo and all the villages overlooking the lake. You can reach all these places directly with your motorboat! 

Climate in Italy

Anyone who has sailed a motorboat in Italy can confirm you that you can find different types of climates. North and south, on the Tyrrhenian side and on the Adriatic coast boasts both islands and lakes. However every corner of Italy has its own characteristics that always make sailing different and interesting. In general, the good season lasts from April until late October, during this period the sun and the warm weather will allow you to have an exceptional boat excursion. However, you’ll have to wait until June to dive into the sea, when the Mediterranean waters are warmer. In the north, in the lakes and gulfs of Ligury and Veneto, rainfall continues a bit more in spring and winter, then the weather aligns with the one on the rest of Italy. Therefore, you can easily rent your boat in the north if you enjoy the heat, you just need to wait for the better weather. 

How to get to Italy

If you want to get there by air, the main airports are: in Milan, Orio and Malpensa, then Roma-Fiumicino, Venezia Tesseèra, Napoli-Capodichino, Catania-Fontantarossa and Bologna-Borgo Panigalr. From the airport you can easily move along the peninsula with the medium and high speed trains of Frecce, the fastest Italians trains.
On the other hand, if you want to get there by sea, the ports of Civitavecchia, Piombino, Genova, Naples, Ancona, Bari and Alghero connect Italian coastal cities with other national and international destinations.

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Motorboat rentals in Italy

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