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Motorboat rentals in Athens

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All about Motorboat Rentals in Athens

Your exclusive VIP fast track route to beautiful coastal villages and towns, the Saronic islands and the Cyclades can be achieved through a luxurious motorboat rental in Athens. What better way to relax from the hardcore sightseeing than on your aquatic hotel with your favourite company? Relax on deck with a cool glass of wine and cruise the coastlines or nearby islands for a taste of Grecian paradise. The historical capital of Europe, with a quirky restaurant and bar life, Athens is a must-visit on the travel list!

Motorboat Rental Areas in Athens

There are two options for motorboat rental location in Athens: Marina Kalamaki and Flisvos Marina, unless you are planning to rent a motorboat in the Ionian Islands, far at the west.

Cuisine and Cocktails in Athens

Don’t worry gin lovers, we’ve got your back. Visit the Gin Joint and they will sort you out with over 100 types of gin and some incredibly creative cocktails. 
Want somewhere to enjoy a glass of wine in view of the admirable Acropolis? 360 Cocktail Bar have a wonderful garden terrace and extensive cocktail menu awaiting you.
We also like The Clumsies for a good beverage and great ambience.
Tzitzikas Kai Mermigas and Karamanlidika Fanis are great Greek restaurants for those looking to tickle their taste buds with some yummy traditional cuisine. 

Itinerary Ideas for Athens

Here are some of our favourite touristic things to do in Athens.

Of course, we’re sure that the Acropolis and Parthenon are already on your list. If not, scribble out whatever you had at number one! 

The Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus are also historical monuments that should be visited if you’re keen to discover more about Greek heritage. Educational museums: the Benaki Museum, the Byzantine and Christian Museum and the Museum of Islamic Art.

Travel Tips for Athens

You can reach Athens and the marinas easily, as Athens International Airport (ATH) is 33 km from Athens coastline. Bus shuttles run regularly to and from the airport and city centre.

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