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Jet ski rentals in Croatia

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All about Jet Ski Rentals in Croatia

A speedy way of cruising the glistening coastline, jet ski rentals in Croatia are ideal for exploring the secluded coves of the Adriatic Coast and lapping up summer sunshine and fresh sea air as you zoom around absorbing the beautiful seaside views. The temperatures in the summertime are ideal for bathing in the warm cerulean sea and and can exceed 30°C in July and August, the peak summer months. So what are you waiting for? Jump on your jet ski rental in Croatia for an adrenaline filled vacation!  

Jet Ski Rentals Areas in Croatia 

You can rent a jet ski in the coastal regions of Split and Šibenik, the most important cities when we talk about renting a boat in Croatia

In Split, the jet skis are based in Marina Zenta and in Šibenik, we have jet ski rentals in Marina Hramina

Travel Tips for Croatia

If you wish to rent a jet ski in Marina Hramina, you can choose from Zadar Airport (ZAD) or Split Airport (SPU) as they are a fairly similar distance.

For jet ski rentals in Split, Split Airport (SPU) is located just 23 km from Marina Zenta. 

In general, public transport is a reliable service in Croatia and many buses run various routes, meaning you can arrive at your jet ski rental location by bus. Alternatively, you can take a taxi from either airport or even reserve in advance. 

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