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Gulet rentals in Greece

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All about Gulet Rentals in Greece

Set sail on an incredible group vacation with a gulet rental in Greece. Gulets can generally accommodate large groups of people and are especially ideal when it comes to moving about in large packs—no one needs to move their stuff or themselves! Settle into your new marine hotel and journey the seas, touring your chosen holiday destination on the holiday of a lifetime! Greece has incredible island archipelagos with glistening sea and shimmering golden sand. Its capital, Athens, is world famous and an iconic capital in European history.

Gulet Rental Areas in Greece

Choose from the Dodecanese, Ionian and Cyclades islands or start your gulet rental in the Saronic Gulf, or better yet, Athens, the heart and soul of Grecian culture. 

In Athens our main boat rental base is Marina Kalamaki.

In the Dodecanese, you can hire a gulet in Kos, and though not part of the Dodecanese archipelago, you can also find gulet rentals on the island Patmos, just north of the Dodecanese.

Corfu and Lekas (Lefkada) are our gulet rental bases in the Ionian Islands. 

In the Cyclades, you can rent a gulet in Mykonos. 

Something which might intrigue you even more, is that in Greece, mooring fees are almost non-existent. On the chance that you are asked to pay for mooring by the local marina, it is a measly sum in comparison to other European locations!

Climate and Sailing Conditions in Greece

Greece has a long summer and can be very warm during the July and August months (30°C+) which means sailing in late spring and early autumn is also very pleasant. 
Wind conditions in Greece can vary with the meltemi wind in summer blowing strongly in a northerly direction, so we advise researching your chosen sailing area accordingly.

Travel Tips for Greece

Here are the closest airports to our gulet rental locations.

Athens, Attic Coast and Saronic Gulf: Athens International Airport (ATH) 

Ionian Islands
Corfu: Corfu International Airport (CFU)
Lefkada island: Aktion Airport (PVK)

Cyclades Islands
Mykonos: Mykonos International Airport (JMK)
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