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Fishing boat rent Hatterras 51' in Miami Beach Marina, South Florida

Have an unforgettable holiday on board this 51' fishing boat

Fishing boat Hatterras 51' 50.59 feet

Skipper included in the price

2 cabins 2 baths 8 places 4 berths Miami Beach Marina (South Florida)
Price upon request
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All about Fishing Boat Rentals in Miami

Fishing in Miami is a popular activity and an enjoyable one, too. The climate is pleasurable all year round, with tropical summers and warm winters. You can catch all types of game fish, from sailfish, kingfish, tuna, swordfish, wahoo and mahi-mahi. While on your fishing boat rental in Miami, you can also explore the various areas and even travel down to the Florida Keys. Changing fishing scenery can be fun and refreshing!

Have you heard about lionfish? Lionfish have been cooked as part of Asian cuisine for centuries and can be found in the sea area of Florida and also the Bahamas! Lionfish feed off of other game fish and coral, and at a rapid rate, causing concern amongst marine biologists. They are beautiful, also delicious, and a unique type of fish, but be careful if you catch them, as they can sting. Tip: Impermeable gloves are handy to have.

Miami Fishing Boat Rental Areas

Our boat rentals are based in Miami Beach. A large marina with a vast array of amenities, fulfilling all requirements. 

Fishing in Miami

In order to fish in the county of Florida, you need a fishing license. This license is required whether you are saltwater or freshwater fishing. You can purchase this license online, or alternatively visit a county office or sporting goods store. 

Don’t forget to take gloves (cuts and bites are a nuisance), mosquito repellent, a hook file, first aid kit (just in case), sunglasses and a raincoat. 

We’ve missed out the obvious, but just in case, make sure you remember your rod and bait! 

How to get to Miami Beach

You can get to Miami Beach from Miami International Airport (MIA) by public transport or with a taxi transfer. The distance is around 13 miles. 
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